13 great reads this year

My taste is more than a little eclectic, but I adore reading from all genres. Here’s what has entertained me this year. Please feel free to add yours.

1) STORM FRONT by Jim Butcher (the first in the Dresden series)

2) DEAD SHOT by Annie Solomon (fabulous romantic suspense author – won this year’s RWA Rita for Blackout)

3) OBLIVION by Peter Abrahams (the author – not the book – came recommended. However after finishing this book, anything Peter writes would be worth my time.)

4) CLAIMING THE COURTEASAN by Anna Campbell (new Avon author and definitely worth the time and investment. I met this lovely Australian lady at the RWA Dallas conference this year. She was gracious and delightfully fun. Her second book hit the stands this week. Can’t wait to get my copy.)

5) TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Harper Lee (Don’t know how I missed this book during all my college English classes, but it’s a must read for anyone who loves great story-telling. And please don’t judge this book by the movie. You’ll be missing out if you stop at the movie.)

6) MEN’S GUIDE TO THE WOMEN’S BATHROOM by Jo Barrett (Funny, fast read and so darn accurate, I’m sure the author has visited a few of the same ladies’ rooms I have.)

7) DEMON’S DELIGHT (anthology) ANGEL AND THE HELLRISER by Vickie Taylor is a must read in this book. From the first line on, you’ll be hooked.

8) SWORD OF DARKNESS by Kinley MacGregor (this is my first MacGregor book, even though I’ve read a number of Kinyon books. Kinley MacGregor is a master at redeeming the most tortured of heroes. Great love story.)

9) FURIES OF CALDERON by Jim Butcher.

10) ACADEM’S FURY by Jim Butcher

11) CURSOR’S FURY, yep you guessed it, the third in the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher. And you can bet when number 4 in the series hits the stands in December, I’ll be there for my copy.

12) THE SHEIKH’S CONTRACT BRIDE by Teresa Southwick (always entertaining, Ms. Southwick as usual captures the flair of sweet romances and draws the reader along for a great read.)

13) POPCORN DAYS & BUTTERMILK NIGHTS by Gary Paulsen (a long time favorite of mine that I hadn’t enjoyed in years. Mr. Paulsen cuts straight to the heart of young adults {occasionally known as teenagers}. If you or your kids have never read Paulsen, you’re missing a treat.)

Needless to say, this isn’t all the books I’ve read this year, but these 13 certainly made my memorable list – one’s that I’d enjoy again.

Please feel free to add your favorite authors or books – I’m always looking for the next great read.

Until next time . . . have a wonderful day.

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