13 things I learned from teaching 4th grade:

1) Teachers, any of them, are not paid enough – NOT by a long shot!

2) A one-size educational system does not fit all children! Meaning – the government’s plan, ‘No child left behind’, doesn’t actually mean children aren’t left behind OR aren’t passed on to grades before they are truly ready.

3) There are way too many chiefs (government bureaucracy regulations) and too few Indians (actual teachers) involved in today’s educational decisions.

4) After writing several weeks on the board, I can remember true cursive writing.

5) 4th grade English is harder than I remembered.

6) Nine and ten year olds (4th graders) have wonderful imaginations. Want to know all the possibilities that can be observed through a telescope? Ask a nine-year-old.

7) Apparently being married 26 years is something amazing to 4th graders, as one of my students expressed: “You mean you’re married to the same guy for all that time . . . and like, all at once?” Uh, yeah, that’s what I meant!

8) It is physically impossible for nine and ten year olds to NOT talk. Something like exploding heads results.

9) 4th graders like to smile and laugh. They prefer teachers who smile and laugh, too.

10) It is not possible to be TOO silly when explaining (teaching) anything. As a matter of fact, the funnier the teaching, the higher the success in learning retention.

11) Education riddle: When completing any assignment, what one thing will most 4th graders forget? To write their name on the paper.

12) The most annoying sound in the world is a pencil sharpener.

13) Teachers are heroes. If you haven’t told your kids’ teachers, or grandkids’ teachers, or simply the person who you know is a teacher that they are great . . . do it.

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  1. My little one just started school. I get to help in her classroom one day every two weeks–and it’s so fun! Teachers’ patience amazes me. After being stuck at home with only one child for five years, I don’t understand the ability to face 30 of them all day every day and still smile. Kudos to all teachers!

  2. You remembered how to write in cursive? Did you remember how to not write with the handwriting of a serial killer? Probably not! I am surprised that those little kids could distinguish between your “s” and “l” or was it your “r” and “n”? I am certainly impressed! 🙂

  3. Amen Sandi, i love it all but especially the “heads exploding reference” I think anyone should be able to not talk no matter their age, but u would know better than I would!

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