Trickle of Lies is Trickling along . . .

Two days ago I was ready to kill off Kyra and Boston. Wait, don’t panic. I’m a writer; I get to kill folks off. However, eliminating my hero and heroine before page 100 was a bad IDEA for a romance novel. So, I preserved. Not because I wanted to . . . at times, I hate these characters. But I have a lot invested in them at this point. Fully-fleshed backstories, complicated family structures, unique character quirks and my hero and heroine actually do work quite well in this specific plot. Wow, it’s almost like I planned that *GRIN*. So, if my main characters were well-developed, complete with appropriate Goal, Motivation and Conflict, and the […]

Wild Rose Press website

Not to panic–did you pop over to Wild Rose’s Press website and get garbage? Don’t worry. Wild Rose Press’s server isn’t big enough and the move is on. For the next day or so, the connection to their website will be spotty. It’s coming back. Oh and by the way! Harm’s Way was on the front page for released in print.

I’ve arrived on

Another double post day for me, but I just discovered my book on That shouldn’t be a surprise, because after all, um, Amazon does sell books and I just published a book, HARM’S WAY. But to tell the truth, it was surprising to put in my title, scroll down to #48 (didn’t realize how many books incorporated Harm’s Way when I picked that title) and there is my book cover AND my name. Let me type that again, my name, my name, Sandra Ferguson, yippee, yahoo (sorry, a momentary office dance was necessary) is on Alrighty now, that is pretty cool. It feels like a milestone. Is Amazon cooler than when I signed […]

Home Repairs Anyone?

Apparently, my real life’s task is to fix things. In the past eight months or so, any number of dated appliances and creature home comforts have hit the big snafu in my house and died. First it was the garage door. Not the opener, that thing you pop off to Sears and buy another one of. Oh no, it was the actual springs that lift the door. When the springs break (that door you could raise) suddenly weighs its full gargantuan weight and guess what? YOU CAN’T lift it anymore. We called out the repair guy then promptly sent him away. That’s one of those let-me-give-you-one-quote-over-the-phone-then-a-different- and-dramatically-higher-one-when-I-show-up-on-your-doorstep experiences. Picture an unhappy gal, here. I was […]

Harm’s Way is in PRINT

It’s official . . . Just visited the Wild Rose Press website and HARM’S WAY has been officially released in print. Many of you have asked about a book-signing. I’m working on that now. Yep, it does have to be print released before they’ll set up an e-pub author’s signing. Not my rules, but I live by them. So soon, very soon, I’ll be posting information on a book-signing. For those of you off in the wilds (my sister in far north Minnesota and my sister-in-law in the rolling hills of Tennessee), order HARM’S WAY and send it to me. I can’t wait to autograph your copies. BTW: I did get an advance copy AND […]

Another Harm’s Way review

Okay, I’m a double poster today . . . try not to hold that against me. BUT, I just got another review from a fellow Wild Rose Press Author who said . . . Yay, Sandra! I agree with the reviewer. I just finished Harm’s Way on the weekend andloved it! Rom Suspense is my favorite read so there was no question I’d buyit after I read the blurb. And your descriptions of the forest in Portofino were dead on. I’vewalked through it before, and I felt as if I was there again. Looking forward to more from the Donavans. I love series. By . . . Elle FredrixSpinning Wildly – Sweetheart Rosette – On […]

Two great new websites to check out . . . .

This is a Wild Rose Press author website, lots of great books, excerpts and front covers for your review all in one place. This site is maintained by our marketing guru, Stacy Dawn. The woman is marketing amazing. Divas’ Books Also, for those who need help with promotions and marketing and you simply don’t know how to start, go to Jump Start Promotions Both of these are great writer sources. Enjoy

Harm’s Way Book Review

Okay, so this made my day. The upfront information is just the lingo that must be listed for any book review. Also, if you want to visit Coffee Time Romance for more reviews and book listings, click on the highlighted title of Harm’s Way Book Review and the link will go directly to Coffee Time Romance. HARM’S WAYSANDRA FERGUSONISBN# 1-60154-047-7March 2007 The Wild Rose Presswww.thewildrosepress.comE-Book$5.00290 PagesRomantic SuspenseRating: 4 Cups Victoria Donavan was once married to a man who valued his career as a DEA agent more than either Tori or his marriage. Now a widow, she vows never to get involved with another risk taker. Alex Harmon is hired by Tori’s overprotective family when a […]

Back In The Chair . . .

I’ve been away a few days (sad tale, that I’ll save for another entry), but I knew when I flew back into town it was definitely time to get busy. Amazingly, I followed my own advice. Re-touched one article (Parenting) and one short (less than 500 words—a type of filler for magazines) and submitted both. Although I use a computer log for when I submit what and where, I’ve decided to start a folder and print out my queries, keeping them in date order. At least, that’s the plan for the moment. I may print out the articles, and put the queries behind them for better organization. What’s your favorite way to keep track of […]