Did someone say Dessert?

Oh yeah, it was me. I should be writing, I have been writing, but I wanted to share this easy-to-do and simply delicious low-cal, low-sugar dessert.What’s needed?A package of Phyllo dough (generally found close to the frozen pie doughs). This is a great pastry for those who are watching calories and fat grams.Fresh fruit (cook’s choice)1/4 Cup Fat-free, plain yogurt2 tablespoons Low-fat mayo or miracle whip2 packets Splenda2 teaspoons Cinnamon1 tablespoon Honey2 tablespoons Reduced fat margarine (I now use the Smart Balance Light because it has the Omega-3 oils) I cut off about a three inch section of the Phyllo dough from one end – keep this moist. Melt margarine (microwave), add Splenda and ½ […]

Texas Biscuits

Got a request for another recipe on my site – something else Texan. Baking biscuits can be a fun Saturday morning activity – with or without kids. It takes a little practice, but I couldn’t cook my way out of a basket when I first married and I learned how to do it. So, belly up to the kitchen, gals and guys for a little homemade fun. Okay, I know biscuits aren’t just a Texas ‘thang’ but mine to happen to come from an old ‘Texas’ family . . . so I’m going to say that counts. INGREDIENTS:2 ½ Cups all purposes flour — sift this into a large bowl1 teaspoon salt — I prefer […]

What’s with?

My bulk email box is piling up faster than the kitchen floor when a two-year-old is loose with a box of cheerios. Okay, so I don’t have a two-year-old anymore, but I remember. Vaguely. Back to the email . . . what is with all the e-card announcments from companies such as, greetings.com, shoebox.com, 123card.com, etc? Pick a card title and it’s been in my Inbox. I supposedly have received e-cards from mates, friends, spouses, loved ones, school buddies and on and on. I managed 4 to 5 of these little missives per day. I don’t know that many people, much less people who would like me well enough to send me an e-card. So […]

Writers Beware

Found a new site: Writers Beware I’ve added this under my blogs and websites to visit. What’s it about? Victoria Strauss and A.C. Crispin have designed a blog to give writers more practical information on protecting ourselves. It’s a scammers world in publishing so helpful facts are always a must. There are loads of past blogs on scam artists, specifically regarding agencies. It’s worth your time to browse the post. Also, consider adding Writers Beware website to your list of frequently visited websites. Ann and Victoria spend time and effort to gather information regarding the scammers in this business. Law enforcement officials recognize the strength of this site and contact this pair to post warnings […]

Top 5

Top 5 reasons I’m possessed to pound on the keyboard or, as it’s known in polite circles, why I write: 5) I can’t stand the voices in my head anymore – best way to silence chatty characters is type them on page. 4) I miss my characters and their shenanigans and/or adventures. I have characters who know how to pilot planes, sail boats, shoot guns, design buildings, paint beautiful landscapes, practice law, run multi-million dollar businesses – nope, I can’t do any of those things, but it certainly is fun going along for the ride with my characters. 3) I might earn some money from doing this. *GRIN* Okay, not much, but I can buy […]

Harm’s Way review

Judy Thomas, a reviewer for The Long & Short of It said . . . Harm’s Way reminded this reader of Nora Robert’s suspense books. It was so good, I had a hard time putting it down. I’m looking forward to the next offering by this talented writer. I predict, and truly hope, we’ll see much more of Ms. Ferguson. I’m her latest fan. Whew, did you just see my socks roll up and down, then right off my feet? That review blew me away. Okay to be likened to Nora Roberts, is just pretty darned good, but that this reviewer, as a reader, found HARM’S WAY enthralling enough to not put down — that’s […]