Mom Musings

After visiting several recent ‘mom’ blogs, it suddenly occurred to me that I have a vast amount of “occasionally” useful information. That’s simply because I’ve survived all the parenthood years . . . nothing more complex than that. Here are a few of my mom musings: 1) Be prepared to be blamed for everything: lost socks, missing homework pages, runaway gym clothes, and my favorite . . . the absentee shoes that it’s simply not possible for you, as a mom, to wear. 2) That, of course, leads to the second mom musing . . . be expected to know where everything is: the mayo jar stuffed behind the pickles, the jam, and month-old lettuce; […]


Went to see the movie, Atonement, last night. Definitely not intended for the entertainment-ONLY bound movie goer. Atonement should be recognized for its brilliant directing, a deep ‘wow, I got think about this’ plot-line, and a symbolic use of color that I’ve seldom enjoyed in a film. I told my daughter, an English Lit major, that Atonement really is a must-see film. The English papers she could write alone from this one movie would make it well worth the $9.50 entrance fee. The only hint I’ll give to you who haven’t seen it . . . be prepared that the movie is a series of flashbacks. Each scene is replayed twice. First, from the main […]

Monday moring madness . . . following the thread

It’s Monday morning madness, and I’ve just returned from dropping my kids at school. It occurred to me, as driving parents, we seem to be incapable of letting our kids follow their own thread. What do I mean? At some of the larger schools, students can enter the building through more than one door. Younger and older elementary school students may wait in separate places, for the first morning bell. If you’ve ever seen a kindergartener and 5th grader next to one another, you’ll understand how huge the difference in size can be. So for safety sake – and noise control – lots of elementary school kids will enter different doors. Do we let our […]