The Pond

On April 21st, 1836, the most decisive battle in Texas history was fought. No, not the Battle of the Alamo, (the Alamo fell on March 6th, 1836). Nope, this was the Battle of San Jacinto, in which Sam Houston and his Texas forces defeated Santa Anna and his Mexican troops in just 18 minutes. They attacked during siesta time and forever turned the tide of Texas history. So much for naptime catching up to you! Okay, I know that today is not the 21st of April – I’m a little late. But this date and its importance recently came to light. Last Monday, the 21st, my daughter who is at Texas A & M went […]

READING CHALLENGE . . . on it goes

While I’ve been away from the computer I’ve still be reading. I’ve finished THE WILD CHILD by Mary Jo Putney and THE FIREBRAND by Susan Wiggs. I know I’ve read both of these authors before, but I had forgotten how much I enjoyed their works. THE WILD CHILD by Mary Jo Putney brings to life mental illness in the 18th century and how wives of that era were completely at the mercy of their husbands or guardians. Women could be locked away simply on the word of their supposedly ‘better’ halves. The novel not only deals with a women’s rights issue, but I really liked the unlikely hero in this story. THE FIREBRAND by Susan […]


It’s a heck of a thing to do without — electricity, that is. We want to flip a switch, touch a button, or twist a knob and have the world at our fingertips. However, occasionally mother natures decides our egos are a bit to large and crashes trees into transformers. What happens? A very large pop, and then darkness. Well, at least, it’s darkness if it’s late at night. From my profile, folks can see I’m a Texas gal and during the springtime here in the Lone Star State, the weather likes to rock and roll a bit. Last night was another rendition of an obnoxiously loud Rolling Stones concert. As luck (or mother nature) […]

Sparkling Today

It’s been awhile since I’ve consistently updated my blog . . . no longer. I’m back! Finished with the 3rd grade round of teaching and I’m back in the writing saddle again. It’s a great fit, and I couldn’t been happier than to listen to my characters fuss and complain. So many things to discuss, so much has happened since last I was blogging everyday, but those are for another time. Today, I’m over at Sparkle This! completing our second short story. A little time travel, a little historical, and a little contemporary all rolled together. Six contributing writers and a whole lot of fun. You can follow the whole story if you start on […]

Reading Challenge and Writing Challenge

Okay, I may have seriously lost my mind. My reading challenge is still in progress. This week’s read, already under the belt, was A Sacred Trust, by Sharon Mignerey. I had to start on the weekend to make sure it would get finished because . . . I’m also involved in a writing challenge with Sherry Davis , and a crew of other great writers. Goal each day: 1,000 new words. Yesterday, I had to edit 60 pages to get the 1,000 new words in (believe there were some plot holes big enough to run a semi through — so yep, it took a 1,000 words to fix those) However, I made it. And the […]