Redneck Tree Swing

Note the chic nylon suspension ropes and the Tiki torch for ambiance! Gotta love this decorating style. Town doesn’t matter. State doesn’t matter. Region of country doesn’t matter. Just pick any backwater Hicksville then drive oh, about 30 miles any direction, turn onto a gravel road follow until it turns into a dirt road, through the muddy bottoms, round the curve and there you’ll have it. Or have this, I mean. Every family has the relative who would or who has displayed something totally ridiculous in their front yard. I’m not referring to a pink flamingo (unless they put a whole flock in their yard.) No, this is a serious infraction (known in the country […]

What’s this? Another Harm’s Way review? Wahoo!

Scrolling through the Wild Rose Press marketing information I found a brand-new review for HARM’S WAY. Okay, any review is great, but the book has been out for a year and it’s still drawing attention so in MHO that’s pretty over the top great. Thanks Tammy at Fallen Angel for reading HARM’S WAY and finding it worth your time to review. Read the whole 4 ANGEL review — it only take a few minutes, — just click here: HARM’S WAY FALLEN ANGEL REVIEW.

Summer Fun . . .

The NT Critique Gang Pictured are: Sherry, LA Mitchell, Andrea, Jayliss, and Delores . . . I’m shooting the shots, so alas no me! The NT Critique Gang + lovely Candace Havens (author of the Charmed & Dangerous series). This shot was taken at LA Mitchell’s book-signing. So much fun to sit with tea & coffee, and great cookies — thanks Georgette (master book-seller at Barnes & Nobles) and great friends. Pictured are Andrea Geist, Sherry Davis (release of HERE COMES THE BRIBE from The Wild Rose Press this Friday), Candace Havens (new release LIKE A CHARM is out now), Delores Shaffer, and Mary (Jayliss) Karlick (winner of the 2008 Sandy award for best Young […]

Good news . . . no, wait, great NEWS!

This Friday, that’s the 27th of June, one of my dearest writing buddies will release her first long contemporary from The Wild Rose Press. HERE COMES THE BRIBE, is a seriously funny romp between a too-busy, work-alcoholic, too-gorgeous-for-his-own-good boss who’s totally in trouble with his family and his female assistant, who’s saved him from drowning so many times it’s become habit. When he once again dives into the deep end, it’s up to this feisty heroine to keep him from going under for the third time. HERE COMES THE BRIBE is a great read at anytime of the day or night, and a perfect way to spend a little summer down time. Only don’t expect […]

Wahoo! LA Mitchell’s book-signing

Okay, it is really a book-signing for the anthology, Love, Texas Style, which is a great collection of short stories all written by member of North Texas Romance Writers of America chapter. (This just happens to be my home chapter.) This group of authors has done a tremendous amount of promotional work behind this release and this is their 4th book-signing, but just happened to be the first one close to home. So much fun! Pics of the signing . Pictured here are: (L to R)Arline Tood, Jen Fitzgerald, and Beth Shriver More authors: (L to R)Marty Tidwell, Mary Malcolm, LA Mitchell, Nikki Hollaway In addition, multi-published author Karen Whiddon (writes Romantic Suspense) was signing […]

How to Fold a Shirt

I’d love to take credit for this, but alas as this woman is speaking a foreign language (and for those who know me well, it’s pretty obvious that English is all I can manage) I’ll guess you realize that I didn’t come up with this idea. However, this is a cool thing to learn. Now, maybe this woman works in a clothing store. Maybe she has sixteen kids. Or maybe she simply wanted to find a faster way to fold a shirt. What I can tell you is this technique works. Just this fast. Enjoy! And just imagine what you can do with all that time you save. Oh, and disclaimer time — I do […]

Coloring Your Way to Better Writing

Several months ago, I delivered a short blog about COLORS and what they mean to a writer and a reader. A more fleshed article was submitted to my local RWA chapter and has since been picked up by the additional publications: Great Vancouver Chapter, WisRWA, Diamond State Romance Authors Craft Loop, Chicago-North Loop RWA, and MERWA eloop. Since so many have enjoyed the elongated article, it’s now here for your perusal. Hope you find something worth use to enhance your writing and move you toward that goal of being a better writer. The first box of Crayons was released in 1903 and sold for a nickel a box. All right, cool trivia tidbit, but is […]

Summer Movies

Ooh, I just love summer for the laziness that comes embedded in the forever days. While some of you are sweating and working away — whether under the blast of overworked A/C units or in the blaze of Texas sun — a few of us find a certain moment each day when ‘Summer Time’ shows up. It’s more a state of mind than an actual tick on the clock. It could show up first thing in the morning, when I’m trotting my dog around the block before the sun becomes ferocious. It could be late evening, when I’m swatting away mosquitoes and cussing the latest device I’ve purchased that guarantees ‘nary a skitter for a […]

Into summer

Terrible, terrible me, I really took this summer thing seriously and went to the beach (in my head) and sorta stayed there. So much for blogging every day. However, fun things have been happening. Last weekend, my CPs (Critique Partners alias TWBs or True Writing Buddies) and I took an awesome day-trip to a Psychic Fair. I know a few of you visit some other blogs who have written about this, so I’ll try to find a different spin. The Psychic Fair had Tarot and Majong readers, Astrologists, Numerologists, Psychics, and Aura photographers — Side note please — if you think getting a great candid snapshot is tough, try capturing some one’s ‘AURA’ on film. […]