Monday Meanderings . . .

Did I watch the big O? For awhile. The glam of the gowns, the terrific yumminess of men in tux, watching to see if anyone falls — those heels are killers, the dazzling drip of diamonds (thanks Kate Winslet for making my eyes pop out), but the speeches do get redundant for me, even understanding that the Shinning Star of the moment needs to thank all those folks who’ve made them famous. Bottom line: I, like most of America, don’t recognize the names of the ‘thanked’ so the name dropping is useless. Now, if the Shinning Star were to give me a hint as to why the ‘thanked’ are mentioned, it might be an interesting […]

Fine Living magazine cocktail quiz

On a long car trip, you’re listening to: 1)Pop hits on the radio 2)’80s hair metal 3)Spanish language tapes 4)Smooth singers like Frank Sinatra **I’m a Pop Hits sorta gal. On Saturday night, you can be found: 1)Pushing my way to the front of the crowd at a rock show 2)Getting down in the center of the dance floor at a club 3)At the opera house watching La Boehme 4)Enjoying classic movies on a blanket in the park. **Well, Saturday nights are not normally night this exciting for me. HOWEVER, I’d be the enjoying classic movies, WITH hubby, on a blanket in the park, if we could combat the mosquitoes and keep each other awake. […]

Credit Card laws . . .

Not my normal subject matter, I know, however, these changes are ones that I’ve been watching for a bit. Hubby did a lot in the credit restoration industry years back . . .even helped him formulate and design an 80-page self-help manual on the subject, so anytime the credit industry is being overhauled, I’m all about staying on page. A few of the CC changes went into effect last August. Most, however, hit the percentage points today. Feel free to stop by any of the major news sources and you’ll see this matter covered for the next few days. If, however, you’d like an overview, this is what I found interesting. Limited interest rate hikes […]

lars and the real girl

Okay, I’ve got to admit I thought this movie just looked silly. And I don’t mean silly in a good way. Oops, bad of me because this, fellow movie fans, is a great film. In a few weeks, loads of North Texas Romance Writers will gather for the NT Two Step, with guest speaker Michael Hague (screen-writer). Honestly, I don’t know what all great stuff he’s going to teach us, but I can’t wait. I do know that he will be dissecting the film ‘lars and the real girl’ during our Sunday morning workshop. To that end, I finally broke down and watched a movie that from the snippets I’d seen appeared too ‘silly’ for […]

Inspiration . . . what inspires you?

Do you need to fill up the well? Jolt that creative side of your muse? What are the things that make your soul sing with joy? What inspires you? Makes you smile when the world is dark and gloomy?For me . . . Family! My dad’s 80th birthday party — and my son getting a royal ribbing for being the red-haired grandson.My dad.Christmas is more fun in a cowboy hat. Vacations really inspire me.Dogs are family, too! Friends! Critique partners — The Flip-Flop Sisters Success! The first book cover.My daughter’s college ring. My son building his own super-sized, mega computer. Great Scenery! The Vitamin String Quartet. Great Music! What else? White chocolate, Macadamin Nut cookies. […]

Xue SHEN Hongbo ZHAO Cup of China 2009 SP

Where you watching last night? Figure skating? The first pair of Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao? Then you missed a treat. The You Tube video is the same routine, however, as the Olympics closely guards their videos for release, this one is of the Chinese pair during the 2009 Cup of China. If you’ll watch through the end of the video, there is a Russian (I’m assuming — as this sounds like Russian to me) commentator who reviews the routine. Don’t worry about the words. Simply watch the slow motion of the couple. For all of us who write, the expression of absolute trust on her face and complete confidence on his face is what […]

Snow Day X 2

Ah, Beauty, your name is snow — especially when I won’t need to shovel because by tomorrow the temps will raise to 50s and all will be gone! But for now . . . Winter Wonderland in Texas. My son’s unscientific attempt to measure the snowfall. Okay, the ruler was a good idea, but perhaps next time he’ll choose one that the numbers are VISIBLE! Nonetheless, the pictures are eloquent to illustrate the amount of snowfall received in the Lone Star State.

Snow Day

Nightfall in the snow!8 o’clock at night and still the flakes are falling. I’m not sure this bush will ever be the same. Not sure what she’s digging for. Maybe, it’s all the times the squirrels were busy in her yard. She just wanted to try it out. Snow . . . snow . . . everywhere. 45 minutes out of the garage and already hubby’s car is turning white. This picture is for my daughter. The green van was her set of high school wheels. The old car looks pretty good under a drenching of white. Too wild . . . snow in Texas is a dusting, but this, 5inches and counting. Snow Day […]

Monday Morning Muses

So, who watched the Superbowl? Okay, I watched about an hour of it. Nope, not the end, but the first hour. Watched with hubby for awhile, but I’m not a football-enthusiast — even though I live with two — I can take it in small doses, then I’m done. By this point in the season, I’m done. So, hooray for the Saints, and I’m sad for the Colts — my daughter is a huge fan. To all those who have kept the loops alive with Macillian/Amazon updates — thanks. I always love a great publishing scoop and this one has definitely been big news. Did you miss the controversy? Go to: ABC Video or Sun […]

New habits for 2010 . . .

Remember, I told you I had ideas for my blog this year, different things than I’ve tried in the past . . . well, here’s taking the first one out for a spin. Hubby is on this major, ‘How do we eat healthier kick?’. A couple of years ago, we switched loads of stuff OUT of our diet: excess sugars — as in all white sugars; sodas (well, he and the kids did. I still have my Dr. Pepper sin.); white breads to wheat breads, regular crackers to wheat-only crackers; changed the salad dressings and yogurts — not to LOW FAT — but we took out the ones with all high sugars in them; hamburger […]