Naked Grape — Working my way through the label

Loving the lush of the grape, I’ve decided to take an analytical approach to new wines. I’ll simply call it: ‘Working The Label’. The goal is to pick a label and then try each of the different blends. Tonight’s selection was Naked Grape. I recently found this label, within the past few months (doesn’t mean it hasn’t been hanging around for longer in my area; just means I finally noticed it). The plain white coloring appealed to me: not pretentious or austentious. Simple, basically bare. It would either work or not. Branding considers the wine–dry. I agree. It’s definitely a red meat wine. Branding considers the wine–full-bodied. Here, I disagree. It’s a bit of a […]

Quick Plug for Review Books and More

Excellent work by a fellow writer, Andrea Geist. A new review website has been born, but with a bit of a twist. Andrea is bringing her special talent of ‘crafts and more’ to the page as well. Review Books and More is a great place to stop by for the latest on books, publishers, authors and if you’re feeling crafty, stick around. Andrea covers a lot of ground in small amount of space. Thanks for dropping by my back porch. Be sure to visit Andrea’s at Review Books and More. Romance With A Texas Twist — ebooks.