3-2-1 Book Launch

Book releases have changed over the past ten years or so. What was once the primary responsibility of the publisher’s marketing team has morphed into the author’s responsibility.

What was once covered with editors/agents emails and flyers to brick-n-mortar shops is now vibrantly alive through social media.

To keep myself on track, I’ve compiled a list of what-to-do’s for my upcoming book launch. Am I arrogant enough to think I’ve covered it all? Nope, not even close.

Marketing gets to be fun . . . perhaps, not all the time. But as creative types, it makes sense to tap into those inherent skills.

  • Visit with establish authors for last minute insight.
  • Complete final editing & formatting review of manuscript.
  • Format through Sigil & check all formatting through Calibre.
  • Compile list of teasers from manuscript for social media releases. (More may be added at future date.)
  • Read, review, & assess current teasers used in social media.
  • Finalize the title.
  • Tag-line. As this was a difficult area for me, I took an online course and worked through several options before finalizing the tag-line.
  • Work with graphic artist on book cover, tweak, analyze, confirm pixel requirements, file specifications, et cetera. There were a great many finite and necessary details in the process. I discovered that by taking my time and working through each step, I kept my sanity — barely, but I kept it. Give yourself a LARGE break as you handle this process the first time. Expect setbacks and difficulties. Don’t panic. Work one problem at a time.
  • Resize final book cover to several sizes for social media release. Add release date, coming soon, now available. Complete each of these options so media releases are quicker.
  • Begin early release of book cover through media options.
  • Write book dedication.
  • List book reviewers and design spread sheets for monitoring.
  • Complete all necessary documents, dates, & pricing structure for release with Amazon.
  • Determine possible author interviews, set dates, schedule return favors as needed.
  • Update all Romance Writers of America

Finally, understand that there are more steps, additional areas for advertising, more marketing opportunities . . . then take a deep breath. A writer’s goal is to write great books. Because of today’s online presence, finished novels can be marketed directly to the reading public. Both terrifying & exciting. It is a wonderful time and it does favor the bold. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn with writing accolades, list the reviews, and if you happen to have an established author in your pocket who will give a quote — make certain it goes on the front cover. Do your best with the steps and then move onto the writing. That’s a writer’s REAL day job.

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