ABC news is following my lead . . .

Okay, if any of you caught the 5:30 news tonight — you know the one time slot where all the pharmaceutical companies advertise? Don’t understand? See my previous post on Why? Why? Why? — then you heard about the frightening epidemic of adult illiteracy.

According to ABC sources, 7 million Americans are considered functionally illiterate and 30 million Americans CANNOT read a simple sentence.

Here in America, we’re supposed to be ‘not-one-of-the-third-world countries, and yet 30 million of our fellow country men and women can’t read well enough to fill out a job application, a medical consent form, can’t research any subject on the Internet or at their public library, can’t vote . . . some can’t even read health warnings on any labels.

How scary!
How heart-rending!

I so glad that Romance Writers of America supports adult literacy and that each year at the national convention a massive book-signing (often with over 400 authors in attendence) is held with all the proceeds benefiting literacy.

Is there something more that can be done?

Go to ABC News for a list of national options regarding illiteracy. Also, if you’re a parent, click on Reading Is Fundamental for great tips in motivating children to read.

There are lots of reason why people can’t or don’t read. Sometimes, they require the assistance of a specialist to overcome learning challenges. Sometimes, it takes motivated volunteers. If you want to assist on a local level, try your nearest library for any programs they might have in place.

What else can you do?


Join my reading challenge. One book per week for 2008. Busy isn’t an excuse — it’s a cop-out.

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0 thoughts on “ABC news is following my lead . . .

  1. What an inspiration you are! I’ll take up the challenge with you and post what novel my bookmark is parked in at the bottom of my blog entries.

    Oh, and I worked with Literacy Volunteers of America in college and experienced the tears along with a woman who was able to read a note from her child’s teacher for the first time. What a high. 🙂

  2. You’re so right about this… My son is finally catching the reading bug this year, but the process was a slow one for him. It’s hard to watch someone I love struggle with a skill I’ve always taken for granted.

    And I’m so glad you mentioned the RWA Literacy Signing! I’ve helped at the event for the past 5 conferences and really appreciated the amazing amount of fundraising they do for literacy :).

    I’ll give your “one book per week” challenge a try…

  3. Sandy, you make me so proud to know you. In college I did some student ‘assistant’ teaching and most of the kids in the class couldn’t read. It is heart breaking but I am so glad people like you care. xoxox Andrea

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