Another article up at Ezine Articles . . .

How fun! Another article — Creating Extraordinary Writing from Ordinary Phrases has been accepted by Ezine Articles.

Hubby is hard at work pushing my articles out and about, so I’m really clueless as to where all my articles have spidered (technical Google term) at this point. It’s possible to see my by-line on any number of Internet sites as a result of his marketing tenacity.

The article writing is part of my self-promotion plan — building a readership from all spectrums. For those interested in submitting to Ezine just click on that link. As an article author, you are required to open an account with Ezine. No, it doesn’t cost anything. Word of warning, they do send a slew of information emails. There maybe a ‘disable’ function for the emails. Hubby has it set to drop the emails to us, and we’re learning the ins and outs of publishing articles. Helpful information is contained in the emails, so you might want to accept them for a bit and then decide. Particularly helpful are the emails regarding Titles. Maybe they are just helpful to me, as I’m title-challenged. Just ask my critique partners. Hubby is titling my articles, but we’re learning together how to pack punch into a few words and increase readership — always a valuable tool to employ.

Is Ezine just for writers?

Absolutely not.

For my teaching friends — pearls of wisdom from this front are always useful.
My career cronies — time management, new sales, office negotiation, all topics that could find a home on Ezine.

Bottom line is if you know ‘stuff’, then writing (and publishing) an article is possible.

How to can pickles that family and friends will love.
How to repair the garage door opener without paying a professional.
10 things to know before buying a MP-3 player.

All of us, with a little age to our teeth, know things. It’s called LIFE. Any number of the experiences can be shared as an article.

Not great at grammar?

Then definitely keep the Ezine Information articles coming in. Each week, valuable insights on navigating grammar waters are provided.

Bonus . . . when one of your friends asked what you’ve been doing . . . it’s lovely to say, “Oh, just getting my articles published.”

Happy writing (article or not) to you all.
It’s still raining on the backporch, but we’re sloshing through. Even my dog, who hates the rain, has finally conceded defeat and will take a stroll through the fat drops when Mother Nature calls. As for me, I did actually find my umbrella. Yep, it even works.
Drop by the porch again.
Until then,

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  1. thanks for that Sandra. As a journo that's very useful! I do hate being bombarded by emails though. Perhaps I can train hubby to send mine out while I'm writing the novels. No, on second thoughts scrap that idea! Foresee chaos!

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