Went to see the movie, Atonement, last night.

Definitely not intended for the entertainment-ONLY bound movie goer.

Atonement should be recognized for its brilliant directing, a deep ‘wow, I got think about this’ plot-line, and a symbolic use of color that I’ve seldom enjoyed in a film.

I told my daughter, an English Lit major, that Atonement really is a must-see film. The English papers she could write alone from this one movie would make it well worth the $9.50 entrance fee.

The only hint I’ll give to you who haven’t seen it . . . be prepared that the movie is a series of flashbacks. Each scene is replayed twice. First, from the main character’s POV, and then from reality.

I was a bit disappointed with the ending, however. I didn’t find that the main character ever achieved atonement, or that her life was any testament that she’d truly tried to find it.

The ending also begs the question . . . are some mistakes in life, truly, deeply, unforgivable?

With that pondering thought I’ll leave you.

I’ll be posting tomorrow at Sparkle This! It’s a combination story, told by 7 authors. Time travel, suspense, and set in Paris. What’s not to love?

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  1. Oh, and don’t forget it was like a 2hr. and 3 min. Calvin Klein commercial from the 90s. I remember Maureen saw it at the Toronto film festival and remarked on their use of typewriter keys as part of the musical score. Brilliant 🙂

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