Back In The Chair . . .

I’ve been away a few days (sad tale, that I’ll save for another entry), but I knew when I flew back into town it was definitely time to get busy. Amazingly, I followed my own advice.

Re-touched one article (Parenting) and one short (less than 500 words—a type of filler for magazines) and submitted both. Although I use a computer log for when I submit what and where, I’ve decided to start a folder and print out my queries, keeping them in date order. At least, that’s the plan for the moment. I may print out the articles, and put the queries behind them for better organization.

What’s your favorite way to keep track of things?

Still no word from the ezine editor on my Apostrophe article—yep, I am one of those grammar nuts who can find 2000 words to say about the Apostrophe and its correct usage. Besides, I learned how to spell it correctly after writing an entire article on it. Another week or so is all I wait, and then I’ll shop it to another writing ezine.

Now, it’s back to my work in progress (WIP) Trickle of Lies. Want to see an excerpt from Trickle of Lies? Click on the highlighted title and you’ll go straight to my webpage.

What are you working on?

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  1. It feels good to be back to work, doesn’t it? I’ve taken Cherry Adair’s advice (and someone in the June RWR) and started an email account to keep track of things. Files within the account for each completed work. Anything of value and snippets of market news/publishing house movement I email back to myself to sort in these folders, etc. It’s web-based, accessible from anywhere and provides me another good back-up.

    I also use the spreadsheet workbook to keep track of pages and daily goals. Typing in the day’s page count and watching it calculate percent complete is a heady but twisted high. 🙂

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