Beautiful Botanical Gardens – Texas-Styled

Do flowers still bloom if no one is around to see them?


February into March – 10,000 tulips bloom at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

Just because the Fort Worth Botanical Garden is currently closed doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a stroll through the grounds.

Touring the FTW Botanical Gardens doesn’t require a plan . . . strolling, gazing, sniffing the flowers . . . are all perfect ways to spend an afternoon. But for overachievers, here’s a map to ‘plot’ out a strategy for your next in-person visit.

There’s loads of shade, but this is Texas, fellow visitors. Keep in mind: afternoon heat, intensely-bright sun, and a fair level of humidity.

  • Wear sunblock.
  • Hats–especially light-weight or loosely-woven–are always a good idea.
  • Water bottles are permitted (except in certain canteens or restaurants on the garden grounds).
  • Picnics are fine on the open area lawns. GARDEN ETIQUETTE
  • Personal or casual photos are permitted, even encouraged, but professionals need to obtain permits at time of admission. PHOTO RULES
  • Always practice LNT (Leave No Trace).
  • Read – and heed – the signs. There are loads of botanical explanations & FUN facts located throughout the gardens. There are cautionary signs, as well. Leave the rocks–ALONE–in the Japanese Gardens. Please Don’t Pick Their Daisies . . . or any other flowers, buds, or blooms for that matter. Don’t stray off the walking paths. (Tender vegetation is always under cultivation at the gardens. Don’t walk on their buds.)

However for this visit, don’t worry about rules. Enjoy my casual photos from the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.

Daffodils on display.
Dancing Daffodils

Tulip at full bloom, Fort Worth Botanical Garden, Spring 2020
10,000 tulips for visitors to enjoy at Fort Worth Botanical Garden
A field of tulips on display at Fort Worth Botanical Garden, Spring 2020

Cherry Trees in bloom.
Blooming trees inside the Japanese Gardens, Fort Worth, TX.

The blooming trees were inside the Japanese Gardens, which is an internal garden included with a Botanical Garden ticket.
The Japanese Gardens follow the tradition of Mono no Aware, which means bittersweet. This is an area of quiet, serene beauty that offers visitors a stroll down pathways filled with tranquility.
Cobblestone pathways to peace
Koi pond with wooden walkway.

Additional beauty to finish out your walk through the Botanical Gardens, Fort Worth, TX.

Beds of vibrant pansies.
Water feature at Master Gardens inside Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.

Nature is meant to be enjoyed.

In times of chaos, focus on everyday beauty that abounds and find peace in the moment.

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