Bluebonnet Ballerina by Carol Kilgore — book review

Bluebonnet Ballerina is not your average cops and robbers’ type of suspense.

Readers can expect characters, both live and the ‘gently deceased’, to appear on the pages of Bluebonnet Ballerina. The cast includes ex-CIA, cops – active to reassigned, a best friend complete with her guiding spirit, a couple of love interests, and even a few decades-old ghosts thrown into the mix. The hard hitting world of human trafficking, guns for hire, and genuine bad guys are counterbalanced by a healthy – and much appreciated – dose of the ‘woo-woo’ factor.

Bluebonnet Ballerina is filled with: a plot that MAKES sense – always a pleasant surprise in a suspense novel; characters that are intelligent; and enough Texas scenery to bring the favored destination spot, San Antonio, to life. Through the eyes and exploits of Agent Gracie Hofner, readers can enjoy the city street-by-street. In addition, author Carol Kilgore’s veracity of law-enforcement and criminal investigation research guarantees realism on every page.

As Bluebonnet Ballerina winds down the roads of South Texas, readers will be shocked by a murder or two and the harsh reality of the dark web, but they will enjoy vivid scenes deep with sultry evening air, condensation on long-neck bottles, and breathing a little fire from spicy tacos.

Bluebonnet Ballerina is the second feature in The Amazing Gracie Trilogy. Author, Carol Kilgore, allows frighteningly accurate criminal situations to fully develop, and just like investigations in the real world, readers shouldn’t expect easy answers or for the varied plot lines to wrap up by story’s end.

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