Book Club Pro – an author promotional and marketing option!

I’ll start with the obvious. This is a blog about BookClubPro, a promotional and author marketing environment for the Twitter feed.

I discovered this opportunity on Twitter via Stacie Sultrie, a Paranormal Romance Author.

Registering for Book Club Pro took about 30 minutes out of my schedule. The registration sheet is comprised of basic questions, book links, author bio, book blurb, and if you have them in your wheelhouse, COMPRESSED TWEETS that Book Club Pro can use to promote your book. As I did not have all this information gathered, there was a bit of maneuvering between my Amazon site and my word document that contained my compressed tweets, but the entire process was painless. And the exercise forced me to compose a few of the missing links for the next promotional adventure.

I’ll keep you posted as to the effect of BookClubPro . . . or if you’ve used this service or other author promotional services, please share.

Oh, and the best part –BookClubPro was FREE.

Writing is hard work and always deserves our best effort. Sharing that BEST effort with readers can be daunting and taxing for authors.

May 2019 be our year to find great author marketing and promotional sites.

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