Breaking for Spring . . .

The family was ALL home for Spring Break, which is joyous for a mom and wife, and deadly for a writer.

I did manage to squeeze in time to write a new book blurb for my upcoming release. Don’t know yet whether it was accepted or the editors will opt for something different.

At present, I’m waiting for the galleys to come back from my publisher and to see the release of my front cover! Wow, this part is exciting.

As for family time. . . we engaged in several ‘fun day’ activities. We took a Vantrip to Dinosaur Valley Park in Glen Rose, Texas. Great spot—that’s located an hour and a bit from the Fort Worth area. Yep, at this state park, they really do have dinosaur tracks. The tracks have been preserved in some special cement mixture that protects them from the elements, but has in fact kept the exact imprint of the track. Pretty cool! The tracks are in the Paluxy river, so conditions do have to be just right in order to view. If the river is too high from excess rain or cloudy (again, useless from spring flash flooding), then it’s a no-go on viewing. This is the first time we’ve been back with older kids. There is a super picnic area or a short drive into Glen Rose and there are a few restaurant choices. At the park there are some great trails to explore for the older bunch. And if the weather is warm enough, the river is perfect for a sunny afternoon dip.

Have you ever seen a dinosaur track? Share your secret spot?

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