Calling all Amazon Authors

Did you know about the pressure – maybe it’s more polite to say intense conversation – among The Society of Authors, The Authors’ Guild, and Amazon senior executives?

In a nutshell, prior to the change announcement handed down September 22, 2022, Amazon customers could return books up to 14 days after purchase, no matter the amount read. Apparently. certain social media platforms have become the scuttlebutt for ‘how to read favorite authors without paying’.

Indie authors took their cause to The Society of Authors and The Authors’ Guild who then went up the chain of Amazon command.

The result?

Amazon will change their policy by the end of 2022.

Oh. customers may still return Ebooks.


only within a 7-day time period


only if 10% or less of the book has been read.

Well, they can still return Ebooks beyond that, but must submit a customer service request, which will be reviewed and approved before a refund will be issued. This policy change will also allow Amazon to watch for abusers of the Ebook return system. Amazon promises retribution to those who misuse the return policy.

If you’re an Indie author who releases through Amazon, this is great author protection news.

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