Read it here first. Sneak Preview of Trickle of Lies

Let’s do the disclaimer 1st. Trickle of Lies. Copyright 2023. All rights reserved. Prologue  “Vultures, every last bone-picking one of them.” Kyra Malone muttered as she stared at the Austin political elite. Draped in designer trends, with their simpering Botox smiles, the desperate-to-see-and-be-seen were the ideal version of Hell: Texas-style. Disgusted, Kyra lifted her glance away from the flock’s annoying presence and toward the weeping pewter sky. That one heavenward look was as close as she’d ever come to angels singing and streets of gold. People who killed their best friends . . . or at least, got them killed weren’t welcomed among harps and fluffy white wings.     “Anna would want you to have […]