Artist, Jaycee Donovan fought to survive:
a brutal kidnapping, hellish nightmares, and a family who will never understand her.
When her new boss demands that she return to the one city she swore to avoid, can Jaycee find her balance and put her past to rest?

Executive, Garrick Shapiro has a few short weeks to save an ad campaign destined to change the fate of his company. Learning that his salvation depends on a sassy, sexy, and bound-to-cause-him trouble artist, can Garrick get past his old anger and forge a new path?

When one woman’s nightmarish past collides against a man’s future dreams . . . is it possible for both to win?

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Developing the Characters

  • Some characters start as polar opposites and it’s up to the writer to find a bridge to bring those characters together.
  • Some characters appear to have commonality until the writer digs beneath the layers and finds core differences.
  • The task to build realistic characters begins with learning small details until the characters develop into 3-D breathing, living people on page.
  • By knowing what Jaycee & Garrick crave, what drives them to distraction, what is an automatic habit, and what’s burned into their essences, I had the pleasure to watch Garrick build a sanctuary for Jaycee – a place where she was brave enough to bury her past, and strong enough to follow her dreams. I observed as Jaycee’s unshakable love for Garrick softened bitter memories of deep childhood traumas, and allowed him to see with mature eyes a future holding all his successes.
  • Is it true there is only one soulmate for each?
  • If we miss that soulmate or let them go, is true and real happiness still possible?
  • When old nightmares and past hurts are finally laid to rest, who is courageous enough to hold onto the love of their life?
  • Jaycee and Garrick discover these answers on the pages of CHASING DESTINY.

“You could kiss me.” The whisper reflected the ache of Jaycee’s soul.

“I thought we didn’t have a relationship.”

Uh-oh, maybe she’d misread the clues. It had been a long time since she’d wanted to seduce a man. Scratch that. She’d never wanted a man the way she wanted Garrick. Jaycee gave his shoulder a playful poke and tried a lighter tone.  “I’m talking a simple kiss here.”

“There is nothing simple between us.” He stroked a thumb across her bottom lip. “Timing’s not great. You’ve already had a roller coaster day.”

“Don’t coddle me, Garrick,” she stressed. Reaching out, Jaycee took the initiative. He wasn’t immune to her, not if the fire in his eyes was any sign. “I’ve lived a lifetime with overprotective males. Assume I know my own mind.”

“Full sail ahead and damn the reefs, is that it?” He lifted his head, turning his gaze to the distant horizon as if searching for answers. “So, all you want is a kiss?”

Eyes the color of molten steel and filled with every woman’s dream of pure passion turned her way, capturing her breath and holding her a willing prisoner.

This was the look she’d waited for a lifetime. 

Jaycee nodded. 

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