Climbing Status . . .

This past weekly my editor passed along some rather terrific news.

HARM’S WAY has climbed the ranks and is the #1 Best Seller for the Crimson Rose imprint—that’s the Romantic Suspense line at The Wild Rose Press.

Not possible I thought! It’s a first release, only been out a few weeks. I was sure my editor had spent too long attached to her computer and her eyes had crossed. How could MY book be #1?

I logged into the Crimson Rose page and up popped the CURRENT Best Seller list, and sure-shooting, as we say here in Texas, HARM’S WAY was listed at #1. I’ll admit I did the happy dance around my computer—not a pretty sight, but luckily I don’t have a web cam set up so your sight has been saved.

Then I cruised the Wild Rose Press homepage and there on the right-hand side of the screen HARM’S WAY was listed as #10 on the Best Seller list for all CURRENT books. NOT just for Romantic Suspense, but out of all the books currently released by Wild Rose Press, my book was #10. Okay, happy dance wasn’t sufficient this time. I squealed loud enough to get my kids out of their bedrooms and make the dog bark. This past week I’ve thrilled as HARM’S WAY continued to climb the overall Best Sellers list. Right now, it’s sitting at #6.

Okay, so you’re not a writer, don’t care anything about the publishing industry, what does all that mean?

It means, I say THANK YOU. Humbly and profoundly, to all of you who have been to the Wild Rose Press website and supported my writing efforts, I say thanks. You’ve spent your money to support me. I hope the read was worth your time.

Many of you are my writing buds and to all of you who have too little time and already too much in your TBR stack, I say a huge thank you. As one of my best friends, fellow writer and Golden Heart finalist, LA Mitchell said, ‘Main support—the REAL kind, not just the chocolate-covered words with hollow centers—comes from writing friends.’ Thank you for understanding how hard the work really is, and supporting me through your emails, calls, and book purchases.

Some of you are readers who found the book blurb interesting, the cover art too great to ignore, or simply stumbled across a HARM’S WAY excerpt on the Internet and were intrigued enough to purchase the book. To those who trusted me to deliver a great story, I thank you for your willingness to give a newly released Crimson Rose author a chance.

Some of you have purchased because you’re long-time friends and have graciously listened (no, your eyes didn’t glaze over too often) to me drone on about writing and publishing. To those who purchased simply because you love me as a friend, THANKS for being in my corner and making this publishing ride so thrilling.

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  1. O.K. I finally made it. I know I should have posted sooner, but things got in the way. Things like keeping a 15 year old “eating machine” in food. A college freshman at A&M who continues to look for ‘gas money’. . .even when the tank is full. And, keeping a brand new teen (13 year old) happy. Scratch the last one! That will never happen. The first two are enough obstacles to keep me from ever having time to post. After all, I still needed to read the. . . you know. The novel.

    I am a macho kind of guy. MACHO GUYS DON’T READ ROMANCE NOVELS! Not even romantic suspense novels. Macho guys drive trucks, watch football, go fishing, and read Sports Illustrated. The closest thing to romantic suspense for us is the Swimsuit Issue.

    Personally speaking, I like my beer cold, nacho’s hot, and my reading material somewhere between Garfield the cat and John Madden’s Scouting Reports. But I did read this romance novel! Don’t tell anyone, but I actually liked it! I mean, that Victoria Donavan gal. WOW! What a ‘hot enchilada’ she is. She could be the cover of next years swimsuit issue! She has a few obstacles to overcome, but don’t we all. The hero dude wasn’t that macho to me. Hey, I’m not really a expert on these kind of books, so don’t take my word for it. Maybe you should read the book and decide for yourself!

    Just like my Swimsuit Issue, it was hard to stop reading the novel. Being macho, I wanted to put it down and pick up my rod and reel, get in my truck, turn on the football game, and cruise to my favorite spot to read my S.I. I COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN (or turn off my computer).

    I may be the only person alive who knows how hard Sandi has worked to bring these characters to life. I watched as she seemed to be nurturing our fourth child, not writing a novel. It was definitely a labor of love for her. I can certainly understand why. She was able to make a macho guy love her work!

    Everyone should buy this book online Maybe even a hard copy when it is released. If you have a macho guy at home, let him have a copy of it too. You never know. He might even put down his copy of S.I. and read the novel!

    Jim Ferguson – A Macho Guy

  2. Congratulations!! I’m currently pointing fingers at Jim for instigating this “climb watch”. I’m not getting a lot done, between life and checking in every other hour or so to see if the lineup has changed.

    I think I’ve found my new addiction 🙂

    Write on!

  3. Okay, my first quote and I’m wondering, “Did I really say that?” Sounds good, so I’ll own it. Harm’s Way deserves every step up that ladder–not just for the people who support you, but for the good story it is.

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