Conference Gears Up

Getting started, okay so maybe we’ve been here awhile. With over 1900 conference attendees, there are a few bags to stuff.

New friend, Jennifer stuffing conference bags.

Another new friend (new to RWA as well) Julie, and dear friend Sherry stuffing bags.

So that’s a bunch of bags, and this picture only reflects a small fraction of the completed bags. New fabric and silk-screening scents permeated the room once we finished. A sea of green and black met the eye. Conference goers should make quite a statement sporting around these totes. Ooh, and what good books are they stuffed with? Gotta get to conference and find out.

I’m headed off to my national conference (Romance Writers of America) in the morning, leaving hubby and kids to entertain (and hopefully not kill) each other for the next week. I’m unbelievably excited–conference with another 2000 writers is wonderful. No excuses for excessive shop talk because it is all about the craft or promotion or publication or distribution (well, you get the point) of the shop of writing.

A few last minutes things to dump in my bag:
Plastic bags. I don’t know exactly why I need these, but inevitably I do. Pack shoes going and laundry coming home, tote extra books, occasionally a souvenir, and just stuff I don’t want to repack in a nice and neat order.

Comfortable shoes. This one doesn’t need explanation.

Extra digital camera batteries.
I’ve never had a digital at conference and I’m excited to capture these moments to share.

Business Cards.
This is a great opportunity to network. My business cards turned out bright and focused on my new release. Perfect for conference.

Phone charger.
Yep, I am expecting my kids and hubby to check in once in a while–a charged phone will be great.

For those of you not coming to conference, I’m sad. I’ll miss you.

What’s the one thing you never forget to pack for any trip?

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