Did someone say Dessert?

Oh yeah, it was me.

I should be writing, I have been writing, but I wanted to share this easy-to-do and simply delicious low-cal, low-sugar dessert.
What’s needed?
A package of Phyllo dough (generally found close to the frozen pie doughs). This is a great pastry for those who are watching calories and fat grams.
Fresh fruit (cook’s choice)
1/4 Cup Fat-free, plain yogurt
2 tablespoons Low-fat mayo or miracle whip
2 packets Splenda
2 teaspoons Cinnamon
1 tablespoon Honey
2 tablespoons Reduced fat margarine (I now use the Smart Balance Light because it has the Omega-3 oils)

I cut off about a three inch section of the Phyllo dough from one end – keep this moist.

Melt margarine (microwave), add Splenda and ½ of Cinnamon, stir and set aside.

Wash and cut fruit into bite size.

Mix yogurt, mayo, honey, and other ½ of Cinnamon, stir and chill.

Coat cookie sheet with spray cooking oil (if Teflon pan, omit the spray).

Begin building your cookie from the Phyllo dough. Unroll your moistened dough; remember to keep covered what you’re not working with as it will dry very quickly. Pull off a thickness of 3 to 4 strips of the Phyllo dough and lay on cookie sheet, brush with margarine, Splenda and Cinnamon mixture. Add another layer of Phyllo dough on top, brush with more margarine mixture. Repeat two more times. You will have a layered, cookie. Repeat this process until you have 4 laid-out lengths of Phyllo dough, bathed in the margarine mixture on the sheet. Bake dough per directions on the box. Cool, then cut into manageable cookie squares.

To finish the dessert:
Plate two cookies, top with bite-sized fruit, and drizzle yogurt mixture over the top.

Eat immediately.

Okay, this one is yummy enough to be well-worth the effort to make the cookie base.
This is a lovely treat after a hard day of writing.
The best payoff – it’s low-cal and delicious.

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  1. Okay, Elle,

    I’ll fix this dessert again (since you’re pressuring me *GRIN*) and post the picture. Um, no comments allowed on my lousy photography skills.

    Of course, once the pic is done, I’ll be forced to eat it. Can’t have perfectly good food go to waste. Oh no, not in my house.

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