Feeling Friday Fabulous

Been to the Chiropractor and he successfully put everything back where it went, and now it’s a lovely Friday morning.

We’re headed for hot

But then it’s almost July 4th and in Texas . . . that means scorcher.



My dad grew up on a farm and told of working the fields in the summer. They’d pull a watermelon, put it in the ‘crick’ to cool, then by lunch, when they were more sweaty then dry, he and his brothers would pull the cooled melon and split it open on a rock. They ate the meaty center – best part and the rest wasn’t worth the effort. He’d call today’s watermelons ‘whimpy’. In his day a 30 to 40 melon was standard. Hence, why they could eat the center only. He always smiled when he told the story. Hot days, hard work and brotherhood. Yea, that’s worth smiling about.


Have you picked your own? Canned or made jam?

I remember standing in my mom’s kitchen – oh, so early for the summer rise (probably 8am) and stirring a boiling pot of fruit and sugar. The smell alone was close to Heaven, but then on a cold winter morning, with hot buttered toast and a smothering of that homemade jelly (Plum has always been my favorite) . . . that was truly Heaven times 2.


Always a favorite top to the 4th of July. Years ago, I purchased my kids (almost grown) those silly battery-operated toys that spun with light. You can only find them in stores a couple of times of year, but 4th is always a great time. Last year, my youngest decided I needed my own. Now, I can make light as well.


BBQs, way too much to eat, too many mosquitoes, lots of OFF, and such sweet memories.

I hope this Friday – whether you’re slaving over the typewriter or the BBQ pit – finds you fabulous, and ready to make new memories.

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