Fine Living magazine cocktail quiz

On a long car trip, you’re listening to:

1)Pop hits on the radio
2)’80s hair metal
3)Spanish language tapes
4)Smooth singers like Frank Sinatra
**I’m a Pop Hits sorta gal.

On Saturday night, you can be found:

1)Pushing my way to the front of the crowd at a rock show
2)Getting down in the center of the dance floor at a club
3)At the opera house watching La Boehme
4)Enjoying classic movies on a blanket in the park.
**Well, Saturday nights are not normally night this exciting for me. HOWEVER, I’d be the enjoying classic movies, WITH hubby, on a blanket in the park, if we could combat the mosquitoes and keep each other awake.

Your favorite dish is:

1)Chocolate mousse with whipped cream on top
2)A spicy bowl of chili
3)Homemade macaroni and cheese
4)Pad Thai noodles
**I cheated on this one because I’ve already revealed my favorite sin in white chocolate, Macadamia nut cookies, but if a gal must decide then I’ll go with homemade mac and cheese.

If you could be a movie star, you would be:

1)Salma Hayek
2)Jennifer Aniston
3)James Dean
4)Fred Astaire
**Definitely, Fred Astaire. Hey, don’t anyone tell my hubby that I’m channeling a man. Really I want to channel his dancing shoes. I would love to be able to move with rhythm and style.

Your dream vacation would be:

1)Visiting Cape Cod for a tour of famous lighthouses
2)Relaxing on the deck on an all-inclusive Caribbean cruise
3)Hopping on a motorcycle for a cross-country ride
4)Traveling to Japan to experience
**Okay, this one is easy. Ever seen my house? Some have and it’s drenched in lighthouses. I love them, and taking a tour to visit lighthouses would be completly up my alley.

The clothing item you can’t live without is:

1)A pair of yellow kitten heels
2)A leather bomber jacket
3)The perfect merino wool sweater
4)A flowing silk scarf
**Where’s sweat pants on this list? All right, maybe they didn’t intend writers or moms or women who want to be comfortable to take this test. Whatever . . . I’ll go way with the flowing silk scarf. Goes better with my Fred Astaire impersonation. It would certainly look great in the lighthouse pictures.

What did you dress up as last Halloween?

1)A pirate
2)A cowgirl (or cowboy)
3)A belly dancer
4)A flapper (or gangster)
**This would have to be none of the above. However, I did go as a Fallen Angel (all in black and no halo) once, which would put me somewhere between belly dancer and flapper.

Your dream house is:

1)A mansion in Hollywood Hills
2)An apartment in the East Village
3)A low-slung midcentury-modern home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
4)An adobe casa in the Southwest
**Definitely the adobe casa in the Southwest.

If you won the lottery, you would:

1)Buy a custom-designed wardrobe
2)Head up the fan club for your favorite band
3)Fill your garage with vintage cars
4)Spend a year backpacking across Europe
**Oh, let’s be real. How about pay for my kids’ college tuition? Or re-carpet my house? This one is so far beyond my realm of reality, I just pushed a button.

Of these inventions, which do you find the most exciting?

1)Hair extensions
2)Frequent flier miles
3)Crossword puzzles
4)Guitar Hero
**There must be something twisted in this personality quiz. Of all the 21st century inventions, these are the choices? In the end, I had to go with Crossword puzzles. Too much of a word smith not to appreciate that choice.

So what’s my favorite cocktail?
Vodka Gimlet

The phrase “don’t change a good thing” was practically invented for you. You love the classics, like movies, cars and, of course, cocktails. Our Vodka Gimlet is made with high-quality vodka and lime juice, shaken in a cocktail shaker just like they’ve always been.

Well, I’ve never had a Vodka Gimlet, but I do like Gray Goose vodka, so I’ll try this out next time.

Want to take the quiz on your own?

Head over to Fine Living for a bit of entertainment. Do share your results.

Have a lovely Saturday and drop by my back porch again.
Until then,

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0 thoughts on “Fine Living magazine cocktail quiz

  1. I'm with you on spending the lottery winnings. Mine would definitely go to college tuition. Back when I was a kid (back when a million dollars was a mindboggling amount of cash, on not just Congress's couch cushion coin) we used to ask my grandfather what he'd do if he won a million dollars. His reply was always the same: "Pay bills as far as it goes."

  2. I thought I commented on this. Did I curse? Was I inappropriate? Or am I mistaken? As my age increases my memory decreases!

    If I remember correctly, I mentioned that I didn't own kitten heels, I've never tasted a vodka gimlet, and I would also spend my lottery winnings on my children' college.

  3. The wildest of cocktail personalities, you aren't afraid to let loose and go crazy. Our Hop, Skip and Go Naked Punch packs a powerful mix of beer, whiskey, lemonade and lemon-lime soda. Whether at the game, on a bike or at a concert, this is the perfect drink to both quench your thirst and guarantee a wild day (and night).

    and OMG…I'm still laughing about the belly dancing thing…which I totally chose!!

  4. Wow! I'm really boring. I prefer quiet Saturday nights, I don't own a pair of kitten heels, and I've never had a Vodka Gimlet (bad drunk on vodka back in high school). My favorite vacation would be a relaxing one, I'm happy in the house I have now, and my lottery winnings would also be spent on college. Oh…and how could I forget, my favorite dish is anything made with chocolate!

  5. Wendy, I don't know what happened to your first comment. I think my 'murphionic' field must be growing. I'm touching electronics and strange things are happening. Okay, maybe I should qualify that. Weird stuff is going wrong. How's that? Anyway, I read your comment and was certain I'd posted it. However, it's on there now. Forgive my tardiness — or murphionic field!

    Thanks everyone for dropping by. This was a fun survey.

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