Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

All right, all right, it’s hot outside, but not unbearable. Right now, temps are hovering in the mid-90s and for Texas in August, that’s almost sweater weather.

Okay, maybe it’s not that cool. Fact is we, Fort Worth-inites are enjoying breezy afternoons, occasional cloud cover and the end of summer is almost upon us. Before the dog days of summer slip away, check out the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens.

Isn’t that beautiful?

No, I’m not being paid by the Botanical society, although maybe I should send them a bill — just a small one.

This is actually a message to my fellow Texans. If you’re heading through Fort Worth, stop for a visit at the Botanic Gardens — 109 acres of pretty spectacular stuff.

Address: 3220 Botanic Garden Blvd. It’s off IH-30 (of course, what isn’t off 30 when you’re talking Fort Worth)

This year, my kids and I discovered a different aspect of the gardens — the 10,000 square foot Conservatory. For a mere buck, we strolled through a proverbial rainforest — a little humid, but then so is most of Texas. Nothing we couldn’t handle. We saw extraordinary plants and bushes. No, don’t ask me what they are. I wouldn’t remember. Besides you’ll see them for yourself when you visit.

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  1. I like all parts of the Ft.Worth Botanical Gardens, but I love the Japanese gardens–so completely peaceful and other-worldly, almost. Except for the overhead planes that remind me I’m still in the city. I also love the Garden of the Gods in Colorado.

    Beautiful pictures, Sandra.

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