Good news . . . no, wait, great NEWS!

This Friday, that’s the 27th of June, one of my dearest writing buddies will release her first long contemporary from The Wild Rose Press.

is a seriously funny romp between a too-busy, work-alcoholic, too-gorgeous-for-his-own-good boss who’s totally in trouble with his family and his female assistant, who’s saved him from drowning so many times it’s become habit. When he once again dives into the deep end, it’s up to this feisty heroine to keep him from going under for the third time. HERE COMES THE BRIBE is a great read at anytime of the day or night, and a perfect way to spend a little summer down time. Only don’t expect to stay cool reading this great book, because the hero and heroine heat up the pages.

You can bet I’ll be visiting The Wild Rose Press Friday morning to purchase my own e-book copy. The hardback version will follow later this year, and I’ll be back to buy mine then. Oh yeah, I happen to know this author. Guess I’ll just ask for my own autographed copy.

Can’t wait to pop the cork on this cyber-celebration and read my own copy of HERE COMES THE BRIBE.

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