Great Spring Break spot . . .

Hey, where are you headed for Spring Break?

The kids are almost free from school for a week, and it’s time for a quick idea for a little get-away.

Check out The Alamo

San Antonio is always a fun place to visit, and this site can provide lots of details for any spring break event. (One of the best reasons to visit. . . not many college kids head to The Alamo for their break—probably too much like studying.) But my younger crew has always enjoyed walking through the museum, re-enacting the last Alamo battle, and then finding some great Mexican food or real Texas Chicken Fried Steak on the River Walk to top off the evening.

We’ve managed to find some superb hideaways in San Antonio—a few have been reasonable and right on the River Walk. **Hint**While looking for a great River Walk deal–stay away from the large chain hotels. Your booking success will depend on how much time you want to invest in the ‘on-line’ search. Staying off the River Walk has been fun as well, and certainly reasonably priced. San Antonio is an easy town to navigate—plenty of ‘Tourist’ signs posted for even the most directionally challenged.

A word of warning—if you have a student studying Texas History this year, then brush up on the facts. Kids do really learn this stuff in school. It can be MIGHTY embarrassing when your 10-year-old rattles off the date of the last Alamo battle, and you’re simply clueless. FYI: The final assault took place on March 6, 1836.

For anyone counting . . . that’s 171 years ago—Today!

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