HARM’S WAY AVAILABLE ON KINDLEUNLIMITED – tips for TheImageApothecary.com & Canva.com


As I push for completion on the second book in THE DONOVAN LEGACY, CHASING DESTINY, I have moved HARM’S WAY to Kindle Unlimited.

I’ve spent the past several days on THEIMAGEAPOTHECARY.COM downloading multiple images for book release ad-building. Special thanks to FLIP-FLOP SISTER, and fellow author, Mary Karlik for the author & marketing friendly insight into THEIMAGEAPOTCHECARY.

I downloaded the images into my local PAINT folder and then moved them into Canva.com for actual manipulation. I’ve designed several ‘work’ graphics and brochures on CANVA.com so I had a basic understanding of the graphic design site. Again, user-friendly, and there is a FREE version so you can check it out before committing marketing dollars. The above KindleUnlimited release shows how easy it is to change the colors on a designed graphic. There are more FONTS than you’ll ever need, and the ability to easily fold in text on existing images.

Designed with TheImageApotchecary.com and Canva.com

Canva.com also has multiple social media release choices. You don’t need to know all the standard formatting requirements for the different social media platforms, just click on the required selection and start creating a design. There are also a number of YouTube videos on how to effectively use Canva.com, which I found hugely helpful.

WRITERS, MARKETERS, BLOGGERS — looking for a way to build graphics, ads, release teasers????

Then visit, THEIMAGEAPOTHECARY. Click onto their Instagram page 1st and scroll. Quickly, you will discover the jest of THEIMAGEAPOTHECARY and find its multiple uses and reasonable pricing. Read the Term & Conditions so you’ll understand the download conditions before you begin. If graphics are not your forte, then a visit to this site is well worth the time.

Finally, a huge THANK YOU to three newer writing friends.

SS Bazinet

Carol Kilgore

Carol Marrs Phipps

These 3 writing friends have offered remarkable expertise and marketing advice. They have graciously given of their time to my many, many, many questions. All are fabulous authors with busy writing schedules, but they have generously imparted their knowledge.

May this blog help you with your own ad and marketing building. I have learned from the best — if you have any questions, please do NOT hesitate to contact me @ k.m.saint.james@gmail.com.

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