Harm’s Way Books In

They’re here . . . they’re here!

That’s right; my shipment of HARM’S WAY has finally arrived.

A truly cool experience to open a box of books, sniff that great fresh print smell, and know that without me these books would never have existed.

Okay, I’m not diminishing my dynamite publishing house

The Wild Rose Press

, which BTW is where you can still download the ebook version of HARM’S WAY should your prefer; or my great and fabulous editor, Ally Robertson; or my tremendous critique partners, Shannon C, Sherry D, Andrea G, Mary K, Laura M, and Delores S who pushed me and supported me every step of the publishing way; AND certainly not my irreplaceable family, heroic Jim, and my three adorables who never stopped believing or considered giving up as an option . . .

However . . .

What’s inside the pages of HARM’S WAY is totally a product of my imagination. For an instant after opening the box of books, the feeling is one of birth, sans labor. Oh wait . . . that took place while I was writing, rewriting, editing, rewriting again and so on. So labor was longer than the nine months it normally takes to get a kid to show up, but that scent of ink, the smell of paper, the high that always overtakes me when I hit the library, was only better this time because it was my personal library.

Jeremiah Johnson quote . . . The old trapper asked Jeremiah if all the pain, the loss, the love, the survival in the harsh mountains had been worth the trouble, Jeremiah replied with a shrug of his shoulders, “Eh, what trouble?” Humble man, honest answer.

Success is always worth the trouble.

May you know many successes in your life.

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  1. Sometimes I have to remind myself that the path IS the thing. All the shortcuts I try may not be the way it is supposed to go–the way I’ll learn the most about myself.

    So glad to have you back blogging. We missed you:)

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