Harm's Way by K.M. Saint James
Bodyguard: Alex Harmon runs his world by 3 bull’s-eye rules:

1) Don’t whine about client chaos, gun battles, or insane work weeks.

2) There is no such thing as the unexpected.

3) Never again – guard a woman client.

Client: Tori Donavan built her world on 3 cement-solid rules:

1) Building sky scrapers requires tenacious focus and insane work weeks

2) Burglaries, computer espionage & stalkers interfere with rule#1

3) Never again – love a dangerous man

When rules clash, who wins?
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The Bodyguard

Alex Harmon

Alex Harmon could handle one small, dynamo of a female. He was the professional; she was his client. All he had to do was forget the feel of her body pressed against his, the hitch in her voice when she was close and still, and the sultry turn of her eyes. Yeah, all he had to do was forget those things, and he was home free.

The Client

Victoria Donovan

Victoria Donovan knew there wasn’t a man alive worth the nightmares she’d endured. Security specialist Alex Harmon might be tall, dark and sinfully devastating, but he wouldn’t be in her Christmas stocking. She didn’t believe in Santa anymore.

The Stalker

The Stalker

“You’ve won. Bested them all. Please tell me who you are.” Victoria tried to sound like reason itself.   

The man laughed, the same scornful sound she’d heard taunted her from the Paradise website.

“Oh no, this is much more fun. You’ll figure it out. Eventually.” The stalker took a step toward her. “But the question is will you, before I have you?” 

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