Here’s how to kick-start YOUR Creative flair.

Uncover The Path

The dreaded, cringeworthy blank space. Every creative individual knows the fear of looking into the abyss and discovering: a blank page, an unpainted canvas, a bleak backdrop, an empty skillet, a barren website.

It’s not easy to find a way past the void. The creative well may truly seem dry.

But hard is only a place to start.

Courage is staring down the void and then getting busy, anyway. Not every typed word is a diamond – believe me, I know. Each brush stroke is not a keeper. Loads of recipes serve up disastrous culinary experiments. And every graphic artist has scads of launch designs that will never see the light of day. Doesn’t matter. It’s only a failure if you quit trying.

Simply put – get started!

Right or wrong – none of us, not a single person on this planet – can edit, fix, repair, refine, or improve that which has NOT been started.

It’s time to dust off the cobwebs and kick off the negativity. Time to find a path back to your first love, that which gives you inherent joy. Remember: in order to build the next phase of your world, embrace the simple premise: get started.

Take the journey with me.

More importantly, I challenge you to take one of your own.

Here’s to discovering brilliance – one tiny step at a time.

Opening scene for Trickle of Lies: (copyright by K.M. Saint James)

 “Vultures, every last bone-picking one of them.”

Kyra Malone muttered as she stared at the Austin political elite. Draped in designer black, with their simpering Botox smiles, the desperate-to-see-and-to-be-seen were the ideal version of Hell: Texas-style.

Disgusted, Kyra lifted her glance away from the flock’s annoying presence and toward the weeping pewter sky. That one heavenward look was probably as close as she’d ever come to angels singing and streets of gold.

People who killed their best friends . . . or at least, got them killed wouldn’t be welcomed among harps and fluffy white wings.    

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