How to Fold a Shirt

I’d love to take credit for this, but alas as this woman is speaking a foreign language (and for those who know me well, it’s pretty obvious that English is all I can manage) I’ll guess you realize that I didn’t come up with this idea.


this is a cool thing to learn.

Now, maybe this woman works in a clothing store. Maybe she has sixteen kids. Or maybe she simply wanted to find a faster way to fold a shirt.

What I can tell you is this technique works. Just this fast.


And just imagine what you can do with all that time you save.

Oh, and disclaimer time — I do NOT know what those symbols imprinted over the video feed mean. I don’t speak this language, I don’t read this language. So just enjoy learning how to fold a shirt, okay?

Swing on by my porch anytime. The tea is always cool and the fans are on high this time of year in Texas.


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0 thoughts on “How to Fold a Shirt

  1. I watched it THREE times, and I’m still not quite sure what she was doing with her left hand! Was she pinching all the way through? I’m clearly too tired now to concentrate the way I should, but I’m trying this tomorrow!

    Thanks, Sandra :).

  2. Oh, thank you! I had a friend show me this before, but forgot how to do it! (I don’t know why I’m so excited–I hang my shirts.) But it’s so cool!

    And I may be swinging by your porch soon–our third straight day of 112+ here. On the good side, nothing to do but stay inside and write!

  3. Wow, see I DO work in retail and if I could master that technique I would surely find myself basking in awed appreciation. 🙂 And maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never minded being appreciated.

  4. Just received this response to the T-shirt method from a fellow writer. Too fun! Gotta love impressing people.

    Sandra, I happened to be doing a mess of laundry yesterday, and I’m now in love with this t-
    shirt folding method. When my husband (who wears t-shirts almost every day) was so
    impressed, he actually unfolded a shirt and asked me to demonstrate.

    What a fun thing to post! Thanks.


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