I’m finished . . . I’m finished . . . doing that happy dance!

This weekend, I typed The End on my 92,000 romantic suspense. This baby has been awhile in birthing — frankly, if I’d carried kids as long as it took me to finish this book, there would have only been one bouncing baby in my house.

That said, this manuscript has seen me through a tough loss: my father’s year-long illness and passing, which seriously made me question whether I could ever finish this book. Then came my evolving literary skills: the dawn of my true Texas voice and the huge learning curve for any serious suspense plotter — as in I bit off more intrigue than I knew how to write at the time. Months of research and cultivating the muse finally revealed the end.

Hopefully, those challenges will make these completed words on page all the sweeter. The accomplishment certainly made me do the happy dance around my desk early Saturday morning. Yes, it really was an early start — 5:45am and I typed the last words at 10:07am (I had a NTRWA (writer’s meeting) and I wasn’t going one more month without being able to list the completion of my manuscript.) All of us need deadlines!

So, now the next tasks is to meld together the working synopsis with what’s actual on page, get the book into the editor–agent rotation, and start on the next manuscript.

So help a gal out, please.

Here’s is the first run at the teaser for Trickle of Lies. Tell me what works, what doesn’t.

Someone murdered her best friend, and attorney Kyra Malone will have justice. Unfortunately, her evidence-gathering journey to drought ravaged West Texas has netted a ‘temporarily borrowed’ sports car she can’t explain, a husband she didn’t plan on, and an unstoppable killer on her tail.

Until the red-haired stranger shows up on his front porch, County Sheriff Boston Donavan – burned by his big-city, conniving ex-wife prized two things: honesty and his small town – now, he’s caught in a Trickle of Lies not of his making and a passel of bad guys set to destroy the peace.

It’s beautiful here on my back porch — cool morning temperatures, a Grackle or two cawing in the still air, and not a mosquito in sight. It really is the small things that make me happy.

Here’s wishing you a great Monday.
Do drop by the porch again,
Until then,

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0 thoughts on “I’m finished . . . I’m finished . . . doing that happy dance!

  1. Congrats!!! I thought I heard some shouting from that direction Saturday morning. 😉

    For the teaser, I'd make a comment in the first line of the second paragraph about the red-headed stranger being a woman, like red-headed bombshell, or something like that. It took me a second to figure out the redhead wasn't the killer from the previous sentence. I'd also change the punctuation to be "…Boston Donavan–burned by his big-city conniving ex-wife–prized two things: honesty and his small town. Now, he's caught…"

    Trickle of Lies sounds fabulous! I'm in awe of those who can write suspense! Is it contest bound anywhere?

    Congrats again! M&Ms all around!

  2. Good tidbits. Thanks so much.

    I really wanted to post the first blurb to pop out of me head — sorry, that was a scary visual — because I'm not in any way attached to it so I'll make any and all necessary changes. I have found that sometimes my first run throughs are better than if I, personally, beat them to death.

    Ya'll beating them to death is perfectly acceptable.

    Thanks again, Pam. I'm really excited about the finished version.

  3. Yay! Congrats on finishing 🙂

    I agree w/ Pamela's comments. Now just one of my own 🙂 As a reader, there's just too much in that second sentence in the first paragraph (starts with Unfortunately). I had to read it twice. I know exactly what you're saying, but it wasn't a 'smooth' read if that makes sense.

    That being said, if I picked this up, I'd definitely want to read more 🙂

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