I’ve arrived on Amazon.com

Another double post day for me, but I just discovered my book on Amazon.com.

That shouldn’t be a surprise, because after all, um, Amazon does sell books and I just published a book, HARM’S WAY. But to tell the truth, it was surprising to put in my title, scroll down to #48 (didn’t realize how many books incorporated Harm’s Way when I picked that title) and there is my book cover AND my name.

Let me type that again, my name, my name, Sandra Ferguson, yippee, yahoo (sorry, a momentary office dance was necessary) is on Amazon.com.

Alrighty now, that is pretty cool.

It feels like a milestone.

Is Amazon cooler than when I signed my contract . . . back up, cooler than when my editor said I love Harm’s Way, and I want to sign you. Not even close.

Is Amazon cooler than when I saw my cover from Wild Rose Press the first time? Not likely.

Is Amazon cooler than when my husband introduced me as his wife, the published author? Not in any lifetime.

BUT . . . Amazon with my name, it is pretty cool.

What happened in the past six months that fit the pretty cool description for you?

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  1. I can’t wait to get my printed copy. I asked Barnes & Noble to order it for me. AND…the CR there asked if you would be interested in doing a booksigning. It’s the NRH B&N. And the CR there is Georgette Radford. Nicest lady in the world. So go and set up a signing, Sandra!!

  2. Past 6 months? I’d have to pick two: The GH final and all the craziness that goes along with it (RWA sent me a press release to use for heaven’s sake!) and completing the short story.

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