July Flood

Not that we aren’t accustomed to flash flooding in Texas . . . as a matter of fact with the flatness of some of our state, flash flooding is a way of life. However, I didn’t expect to see it in my backyard.

Then, there was the problem of what happened to my street. We . . . um, sorta lost the curb.

That water is four inches deep, running river-style down my sidewalk.

This was my side yard.

Does this mean I don’t have to mow anymore?

This is what I did tonight instead of writing. There was that whole issue of either I sweep or the house floods. Hum . . . should I or shouldn’t I? Get the broom somebody.

One last image. This isn’t the ocean, but instead a small creek within a half mile of my house. In Texas when we say creek–well, actually, we say crik, but don’t hold that against us–we mean a muddy patch of bottom land that occasionally gets wet enough to catch a tadpole or two.

However, after 4 inches of rain in ONE HOUR, this creek, which normally measures 2 or 3 feet at its deepest, flooded to 20 feet plus in depth. For reference, that is a 15-foot light pole on the right-side of the picture. So who needs a summer trip to the Gulf of Mexico? Just pull up a rocker on the porch and hang on. As my Big Mama used to say, ‘The crik’ll come up presently.’

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  1. Can you believe it? I spent all afternoon at the Botanical Gardens, had even planned to post pics and info about the sight tonight. However . . . a little water got in the way.

  2. Wow, Sandra. No wonder you’ve been so quiet. If I had it in to turn off the switch, I would. I live near the top of a pretty steep hill, too, so we’ve been watching the raging rapids slide past our house.

    Love, love the picture. Can we see less wall and more of your beautiful face?

  3. hi… this is my first time on your blog. i was looking for some photos to put on mine…we were driving in that mess yesterday… in watauga/nrh area… we got stuck in too deep water, and the car stalled out. my daughter was crying. it was pretty bad…and all we were doing was trying to go to the movies. needless to say.. half way there, we decided to turn back…and get stuck in some pretty treacherous stuff.
    i wonder if we’re neighbors??
    anyhow.. i will be reading more of your blog later. just gonna steal a pic or two… hope that’s ok.
    also, i hope you and your family and house are ok. i just couldn’t believe the depth of the water..just on the streets… not to mention the ditches and “creeks” that were raging rivers.

    anyhow, i’ll come back later and read more on here .

  4. thanks for coming by my blog!

    i just linked you on my page… several of my blog buddies read,, some can’t see, but they read anyhow :)). so, expect a few new visitors. :))

    hopefully my laptop will get fixed today and i can spend more time catching up on your “meanderings. :))

    right now all 3 of us are trying to share one cpu.. cuz 2 out of 3 broke within days of each other. doesn’t leave much time for me to peruse (is that spelled right?) my blogs! 🙁

    i’ll be back.

    did i mention.. i cannot see these eye test things? and have you ever heard the voice for them? just as un-understandable 🙂

    stay dry, and have a great day!

  5. Sandra, oh, no! And I’ve been griping about the lack of rain here in Toronto. Hopefully it doesn’t take to long for all that water to recede.

    Hey, are you going to RWA?

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