Just Mercy – Texas actor Jamie Foxx

Texas Actor, Jamie Foxx delivers a compelling performance in Just Mercy.

Graduating from Terrell High School, in a small Texas town with a current population over 17K, Jamie Foxx was known to his classmates as Eric Bishop. His career beginnings included music and comedy before he became a power-house in the film industry. Whether he’s staring in action films, such as White House Down, Law Abiding Citizen, Collateral or assuming the persona of Ray Charles, Jamie Foxx’s early flair for imitation seems to enhance his chameleon-changing ability in his acting career.

Raised by his grandmother, a devout Christian woman, Jamie Foxx learned then excelled at piano (perhaps foreshadowing for his role as Ray Charles, in the movie appropriately named ‘Ray’). Jamie earned an early living from his musical ability. Being a good Texas son, he also loved Friday night football and was a ‘passing’ phenomenon with a thousand-yard passing season for the Terrell Tigers. If you’ve ever watched the series Friday Night Lights (Permian High School Panthers), you’ll understand that football is sacrosanct in Texas.

Did the absence of his parents (Jamie Foxx was adopted by his grandmother when only seven months old) or his upbringing (small-town Texas entrenched with Southern Baptist attitude) influence his love for music, for imitating the world – and people – around him, for sliding into roles the way some change coats . . . perhaps? And perhaps all those roads led to the rise of his star.

However, Texas actor Jamie Foxx arrived at this juncture in his career, he skillfully carried the role of Walter McMillian as a man wrongly accused, convicted then sentenced to death row in this true rendition that unfolded in Monroeville, Alabama. (In an ironic side note, this small town is the birthplace of Harper Lee and ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. If you don’t understand the reference, you really need to read this piece of classic literature.)

JUST MERCY film still

Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan in Just Mercy.

Lone Star Meanderings is NOT a blog for political statements or ethical assessments of the world. If you want my opinion on an issue, you can send me an email and I’ll respond in private . . . because my opinions are just that – private & mine.

HOWEVER . . . Just Mercy is a must-see film!

If you believe in justice . . . if you believe in the rightness of the world . . . if you believe that one person (or a group of persons) can make a difference, alter an outcome, save a life — then you should see this film.

My thanks to the cast and crew who believed in the project of Just Mercy and brought it to film . . . and to light that anyone with the price of ticket admission can learn about, can suffer and lament injustices, and finally celebrate this story.

If you want to know more about the organization that successfully fought for Walter McMillian, click: Equal Justice Initiative.

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