lars and the real girl

Okay, I’ve got to admit I thought this movie just looked silly. And I don’t mean silly in a good way. Oops, bad of me because this, fellow movie fans, is a great film.

In a few weeks, loads of North Texas Romance Writers will gather for the NT Two Step, with guest speaker Michael Hague (screen-writer). Honestly, I don’t know what all great stuff he’s going to teach us, but I can’t wait. I do know that he will be dissecting the film ‘lars and the real girl’ during our Sunday morning workshop. To that end, I finally broke down and watched a movie that from the snippets I’d seen appeared too ‘silly’ for words.

Well, it maybe seem that 120 minutes of a man who totes around a mannequin is silly, but news flash to all us disbelievers, this is a poignant story of loss and redeemation, of a town’s deep and abiding love for one of its residents, and the journey from wishful reality to the-real-deal.

I cried for the last twenty minutes. Now, who’s silly?

What was the last movie you watched that surprised you? Good or bad?
And do tell your take of ‘lars and the real girl’

Barbequed on the back porch tonight. In the 50s and that’s warm enough for me. Best part? Nary a bug in sight. Ah, I’ll miss this treat in June and July. Also, I didn’t have to sweat while BBQing and my wine stayed chilled. How sweet it is?
Drop by the porch again.
Until then

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  1. Well now… I would be quick to dismiss this on first glance, but I trusted your judgement.. it's got a good cast… It might have a man who thinks a mannequin is real but there are no signs of aliens, the end of the world or guns so I gave it a go. I watched the trailer and I laughed out loud twice. Fab. I'll go and see it. Thanks for the rec.

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