Looking for Me?

If you’re looking for me today, I’m at the Sparkle This blog. Come on over for a great time.

Okay, so that sounded a little suggestive. If you want to R.E.A.D. some great blogs about writing stuff . . . then pop over to Sparkle This!

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0 thoughts on “Looking for Me?

  1. I’m so not a techic person, so not sure I can answer your question.

    Several of .gif have been direct downloads from Microsoft office and all of those have worked fine.

    This pic actually came from an email.

    I save all the pics I might want to use under My Pictures, inside a My ClipArt folder, then upload into blogger from there. I don’t know if any of those steps make a difference.

    Maybe it’s just the size of the .gif that I am using. I’ve had upload problems before if the picture was too large.

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