Melt For You — J.T. Geissinger review

Sexy, funny, relatable characters make Melt For You a must-read story.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been inspired to post a book review — not because I haven’t read some ‘good’ stories, even a couple of pretty dynamic series — but Melt For You is a true love story in every sense of the word.

Melt For You delivers compelling characters that are so much more than the Ugly Duckling tale the story-line follows. Sex-on-a-stick Cameron McGregor appears to be straight from the badboy mold until his feisty, self-conscious neighbor Joellen Bixby peels back the layers. While out-of-shape, nose-to-the-grindstone Joellen Bixby may fantasize about her CEO boss, it’s rugby-player Cameron McGregor who’s responsible for the desire coursing through her veins, a daily dose of self-affirmations, and giving her the courage to live her own truth.

Author, J.T. Geissinger gives reader a page-turning story that is filled with laughter and sorrow; heart-break and soul-soaring healing; brilliant characters who shine on page; a woman’s damaged self-worth; a man’s tragic past . . . and through it all, a love that is relatable and inspiring.

Melt For You is the love story that speaks to the hero/heroine inside each of us.

In real-life, love is about being your partner’s safety net; being the wind beneath your love’s wing; being their calm in the midst of chaos; and when shared by two committed to each other’s happiness . . . it’s a miracle.

Melt For You reminded me why I write romance, why I love to spill passion on a page, why I believe that goodness lives inside of people, and why I still believe in Happy Ever Afters.

This book is anything but a cliche, or a standard fairy tale, and certainly not JUST another romance story.

Melt For You is worth more than your reading-time . . . it’s worth living on your keeper shelf. Don’t miss a truly worthy read. Melt For You will make you boo the villain, laugh with the allies, and cheer for Cameron & Joellen.

Oh, and make sure you read JT Geissinger’s dedication at the end of the book. It will inspire you to greatness. My special thanks to this talented author who made opening this book and reading to the end a delightful pleasure.

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