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A number of years ago, a FaceBook friend shared this questionnaire with me. Both of us — that would be the friend and myself — are blessed with now-grown children so this was a fun trip down memory lane. It was fascinating that so many of the answers readily came to mind. Pregnancy and childbirth leave indelible memory marks.

Take the trip with me and answer the questions about your FIRST born.

Actually, I’m not picky . . . if one of your other pregnancies is more memorable, think of that one.

Feel Free to steal the questionnaire and repost.

1. Did I have an epidural? Yep, I asked for those drugs.

2. Was the father in the room? Yes, although what he was supposed to do remains a mystery to both of us.

3. Was I induced? Yep, my doctor liked a schedule. And frankly, I liked my doctor. Going 7 1/2 months with one face, one set of hands, one personality that I understood and that understood me . . . yep, I really didn’t want a surprise ‘doc’ in the delivery room.

4. Did I deliver in OR/Delivery Room? Or All-in-One-Labor Room? OR: and honestly, I’m so grateful that I was totally focused on ‘getting that kid out’ during those moments of rolling into OR. These places are scary-looking.

5. Did we know the baby’s sex before hand? Nope, opted for the surprise. However, that was only true with our first child. We learned with subsequent pregnancies that there are plenty of surprises — and some fairly tense & frightening moments — along the way. It made sense to learn what we could learn before the moment of birth.

6. Did I deliver close to the due date? Yes, actually only a two days early. I think the DOC induced out of self-defense. I’d threatened to slid down the banister to speed things along.

7. Morning sickness? Oh, you betcha! Six weeks of memorable flu-like systems.

8. Cravings? Mexican food — actually, anything spicy and chocolate covered cherries. Yes, and sometimes together. That’s why they’re called cravings.

9. Pounds gained? 25 (It was those chocolate covered cherries.)

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