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After visiting several recent ‘mom’ blogs, it suddenly occurred to me that I have a vast amount of “occasionally” useful information.

That’s simply because I’ve survived all the parenthood years . . . nothing more complex than that.

Here are a few of my mom musings:

1) Be prepared to be blamed for everything: lost socks, missing homework pages, runaway gym clothes, and my favorite . . . the absentee shoes that it’s simply not possible for you, as a mom, to wear.

2) That, of course, leads to the second mom musing . . . be expected to know where everything is:
the mayo jar stuffed behind the pickles, the jam, and month-old lettuce;
the bike lock key no one has needed for the past three years;
the final and single remaining school project portfolio that was purchased six months ago and stuffed in a drawer, some drawer, some where in the house.

3) Have the right answer. This one gets a bit tricky as moms can be asked to explain anything and EVERYTHING from:
a complicated, undecipherable algebra formula;
to why that kid in school started the vicious rumor;
or even why the boy who your daughter is simply crazy about . . . isn’t simply crazy about her.

4) Have a ready and endless supply of: various-sized Styrofoam balls, colored pipe cleaners, and balloons/sponges/markers/poster board for last minute science projects; old pantyhose (fishnet preferable) for the next, latest, greatest art-drama-Halloween costume, and; of course, an over-the-top-better-than-anyone-else’s birthday gift for the invitation received just today.

5) Final mom musing . . . be calm. When all those around you are whining, flaring dramatic, fighting with siblings, or simply sighing loud and long because life is unfair and no one understands them.

They say it takes a community to raise a child. I suppose that should mean everyone pitches in with really terrific, unfailing advice.

Me, personally, I’d rather the community just take the kid off my hands for a day or so. Keep the advice and give moms a break.

I say, moms need to stick together like three-day-old peanut butter, so share your great Mom advice.

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  1. Mom advice? I don’t know about advice, but I will inject here that the hardest Mom Lesson is to take a step back and let your kid/s fail once in a while. The more often you can actually do it while they’re in the formative years, the better. Because once they grow up, getting knocked down/failing is so much harder. Accountability also seems to be a huge learning curve. Some kids get it. Some “kids” will never get it.

    But hey, when they do. It’s one of those moments when you can nod your head and think to yourself (for heaven’s sake, don’t say it out loud where they can hear you! Kids believe they single-handely raised themselves and you were just along to tug them in the wrong direction and say “I told you so!” at the most inappropriate moments.)

    “Hey, maybe I didn’t do such a bad job after all.”


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