Monday Meanderings . . .

Did I watch the big O?

For awhile. The glam of the gowns, the terrific yumminess of men in tux, watching to see if anyone falls — those heels are killers, the dazzling drip of diamonds (thanks Kate Winslet for making my eyes pop out), but the speeches do get redundant for me, even understanding that the Shinning Star of the moment needs to thank all those folks who’ve made them famous. Bottom line: I, like most of America, don’t recognize the names of the ‘thanked’ so the name dropping is useless. Now, if the Shinning Star were to give me a hint as to why the ‘thanked’ are mentioned, it might be an interesting speech.

Oh, wait, Sandra Bullock did that.

And I did love her speech.

Happy Monday to all.
Drop by the porch later. I’ll have some grammar tips to add.
Until then,

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0 thoughts on “Monday Meanderings . . .

  1. I don't usually watch the Oscars because, like you, I think the speeches are boring. But I usually try to find a place on the net showing the best and worst of Oscar wear the following day. It's really all about the clothes, right?

  2. Hi Sandra!
    My cable company and ABC are having a tiff so I missed the first hour of the Oscars. After that I listened intently when the nominees were mentioned, then drifted off during the speeches. Except for Sandra Bullock….I loved her speech and hung on every word!

  3. For the first time in my life I watched the Oscars all the way through! Here in Thailand it was an 8am start so I went to an Oscars Breakfast do at a local hotel.

    I loved it.

    I thought Sandra Bullock's speech was fab too. She's a funny woman and a great actress.

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