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After parenting for almost two decades, I’ve washed/dried/folded more loads of laundry than I care to remember; survived a tantrum or two; mended broken arms, bumped heads, and battered hearts; enjoyed a passel of got-to-squeeze-you-so-tight hugs, sloppy good-night kisses, and ‘Mom, you’re the best’ declarations. After culling through mounds of brought-into-the-house dirt, banging against the rock-hard determination of my kids, and traversing the shifting sands of children’s needs, I’ve managed to mine a few tidbits of gold.

Enjoy, and may they add a little extra wisdom to your parenting arsenal.

Don’t skimp. Buy the ‘64’ pack of crayons for school. Oh, and get one for home, too. There is no such thing as too-many crayons.

Don’t believe marketing labels – pencils boxes (or pouches), backpacks, and lunchboxes have a limited lifespan. Rule of thumb – the younger the child, the shorter that span.

Do expect your daughters to raid your closet, especially for school ‘old-fashion’ or ‘dress-up’ day.

Do buy cool lunch snacks.

Do buy good fluffy pillows – they really do sleep better.

Do supply your child with a reading ‘book’ light. Even a spare flashlight will encourage reading in a child.

Do let kids build an indoor tent no matter how many sheets and blankets you need to refold.

Back to don’t believe marketing labels. Washable markers – aren’t.

Do buy stain stick in the JUMBO size.

One more time for marketing labels: Don’t believe those expensive athletics shoes will survive ‘inexpensive’ mud puddles.

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  1. Congrats on the publication of your book! All the best and great success! I read your parenting suggestions…now all I have to do is become a parent. Ha! Thanks for visiting me at my blog! 🙂

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