Naked Grape — Working my way through the label

Loving the lush of the grape, I’ve decided to take an analytical approach to new wines.

I’ll simply call it: ‘Working The Label’.

The goal is to pick a label and then try each of the different blends.

Tonight’s selection was Naked Grape. I recently found this label, within the past few months (doesn’t mean it hasn’t been hanging around for longer in my area; just means I finally noticed it).

The plain white coloring appealed to me: not pretentious or austentious. Simple, basically bare. It would either work or not.

Branding considers the wine–dry. I agree. It’s definitely a red meat wine.
Branding considers the wine–full-bodied. Here, I disagree. It’s a bit of a light-weight to me. Perhaps more roast than medium rare T-bone.
Branding lists the Naked Grape wines from California and Argentina. Malbec grapes originated in France, but were more for blending than stand-alone wines. Leave it to the Argentina culture to take this grape, in their sun-drenched countryside, and produce something lovely.

The Naked Grape Malbec, due to its dry nature is quite nice against sweet fruits and tart cheeses: a nice combination.

On a scale of 1 to 10, this Malbec ranges mid-5.

Price wise, I paid less than $8.00 a bottle.

It also didn’t cause the nasty morning-after temple twinge that can accompany many reds.

So for sipping with a blander red meat dinner or enjoying with sweet fruits after, this was worth the money.

Do drop by my back porch again. I’ll be trying another blend and waiting for friends.

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