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Have you been reading this summer? Keeping up with the reading challenge? Thought I had forgotten, didn’t you? Just because I haven’t listed all my reads? Well, fooled you.

I’ve had a great time delving into and digging through my TBR stack this summer. I just finished A PIECE OF HEAVEN by Barbara Samuel.

This is no typical lovestory. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t totally sure Ms. Samuel intended to pull off a lovestory by book’s end. HINT: it was a lovely surprise to find that she not only satisfied her hero/heroine but readers as well. That said, Ms. Samuel delivers a novel of a truly broken heroine. Luna McGraw doesn’t believe she deserves a second (actually more like fifth or sixth) chance. She feels her sins were bad enough that she should be condemned to live without her teenage daughter. The hero Thomas Coyote is anything but perfect, yet somehow he’s the perfect foil for Luna McGraw — shame Luna is convinced that he’s everything on her ‘can’t have list’. Through any number of personal obstacles, these two preserve and find a happy ending of the mature kind. I love reading about older heroes and heroines — especially the ones who are certain their turn for happy endings has already come and gone. The imagery in A PIECE OF HEAVEN is dynamic and I’ll admit to being more than a tad jealous of Ms. Samuel’s ability to turn the perfect phrase.

Interesting note, while looking for the book cover for my blog, I found two other covers for this same book. Why? Who knows. Perhaps multiple printings have been released of A PIECE OF HEAVEN. Whatever the cover, if you encounter A PIECE OF HEAVEN snatch it up. It’s well worth your time . . . and then some.

Happy reading and writing.

Stop by my porch again.

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0 thoughts on “New Read . . .

  1. I’ve only read The Goddess of Kitchen Avenue. Maybe I need to try this one.

    I haven’t forgotten the challenge. I’m working on a Jodi Piccult now and writing my arse off.

    So good to have you back.

  2. It sounds good Sandra, I’m always looking for romance with a little more twist and plot. I’ve been reading, reading, reading as well and now and scrambling to get caught up with the rest of life. 🙂

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