All right, so I’m fast-drafting again tonight and the blog has to be quick.

How about a few pictures from my recent Barnes & Noble book-signing?

Yep, it was fun. Loads of people showed up and I sold out. How much better can it get?

These are two of my hugely helpful CPs, Delores Shaffer (on left of pic) and LA Mitchell (on the right) They were terrific and kept me calm through all my insanity at the signing table. Thanks girlies!

Oh, and please don’t ask me what I was doing in this picture. I know it looks like I was directing traffic and maybe I was, but it’s more likely that the camera person happened to be my 19-year-old daughter who can always manage to show her mom’s, um, strange side. Thanks, Mary for taking the pictures! *GRIN*

Janice and Terry Higgs (favorite friends back from my Burlington Air Express days — wow, was that a life-time ago!) This lovely couple has kept in touch and couldn’t wait to have a copy of the book. Thanks Terry and Janice.

And my sign . . . in huge Black & White (well, color too) If I could wax surfer for a moment . . . it is, like, poster-size, dude! This is the stuff to make me keep writing when I hate my characters, the plot, the backstory and every little detail. It was truly inspiring to see my name in print.

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  1. Love, love, love the pictures, hon. Can’t wait for more fun tomorrow night AND the book. And in the surfer-vein–Dude, if you run short again, I’m cutting in line instead of helping..LOL

  2. I am a wonderful photographer. Who are you kidding! Don’t knock the pictures just because they captured the realistic side of the day . . . chaotic! You made me drive all the way there with my skirt in the door and then you had to “leap” from the car before I could straighten my parking job! That was what we needed pictures of! 😉

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