Pop in for the new year

Hello to all in blogger-land.

I have all sorts of exciting ideas for my blog this year. Great things and I’m ready to get started . . . however, I’ve been busy getting my house in order. Didn’t want to wait on spring cleaning, so I’ve jumped in to reorganize ‘stuff’ now. Came across these pics from one of my critique partners, and as I’m into ROOM reorganization, they completely distracted me. I had to share them. Hope they make you smile.

Toliet in downtown Houston. Okay, I like the mirrored look. Nothing that says, PORTA-POTTY here!

Now, this is from the inside looking out! One-way glass so you can still feel in the center of things. No Way! Not today. Not tomorrow. No way could I take care of business with people strolling by. They were called ‘Water Closets’ for a reason, folks. It’s because they were in a CLOSET! Talk about voyeurism.

This one is in a skyscrapper. 10th or so floor. Floor being a figuarative term in this case. You go first!

Final room is a bit of a change. The smoker’s lounge. This could well be the best money any company ever spent to lower the percentage of smokers at their firm.

Happy Monday to all.
Do drop by the porch, anytime. Believe it or not, we’re back into the 60s. Gotta love Texas.
Until then,

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0 thoughts on “Pop in for the new year

  1. Ooh, you're a little twisted, Sandra, and I love it! Those are some creepy, creepy rooms. *shudder*

    And I'm doing the same thing–jumping into spring cleaning a few months early. Too bad we didn't live closer together–we could have a big rummage sale in a few weeks and make some money off our junk!

  2. I like the term rummage sale. It's so more inticing than garage sale. Of course, in Texas, make sure you drag it out, when pronounced, as in grrrr – ra — ge sale. Maybe that's why it doesn't sound as classy as a rummage sale. I just like getting rid of stuff, however I do it. Our trash picks up on Monday and Thursday mornings. Because so many folks clean out 'stuff' over the weekends, there is always a horde of little pickup trucks cruising the streets, early Monday morning to check for good 'stuff' before the trash handlers get to it. They've taken broken lamps, box springs, even a very tattered sand box (that I wouldn't have let me cat use), but it just proves, one person's curb refuse is another's treasure trove.

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