Precious photos – how to Watermark

On a scale of 1 – 10, how important is the protection your photos?

Photo taken Oct 2022 of wooden porch then cropped to highlight center leaves.

Is Watermarking the answer for you? Something that you’re actively employing to protect your photos?

What software do you use to Watermark photos?

Let’s do the follow-up questions:

  • Is it worth what you paid for the software?
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Does it work protecting your photos?

Me, I’m probably a 8, maybe a 8.5. I’m not paranoid about everything that I post because I expect to be in the public eye. As a writer/author/editor if viewers can’t find my words, then they’ll go on to another more readily accessible source. However, I want to drive the posting bus. If it’s my creative property, then ask permission or give credit when re-posting. However, with photos I’m more at LEVEL 10.

Photo taken Oct 2022 on Lake Balboa beach in Hot Springs Village, AR at sunset.

This signature isn’t a true Watermark. This is an overlay of text that’s been manipulated into place and utilized inside the Canva software while building a photo album.

I like the signature aspect on the photo. It feels more personalized.

Is your Watermark:

  • An image?
  • A signature?
  • A logo?

Did you use an outside source to design your Watermark?

One of the issues that I’ve discovered is once the Watermark is designed, it needs to be downloaded to back to desktop or laptop.

Most systems default to the basic Paint program, which is set to lose the transparency when saved. Unfortunately, all that dedicated work to create a Watermark is useless without transparency.

I’ve found several different posts, blogs, and YouTube videos including ones from Microsoft that list steps to protect the transparency – up to, and including, Windows 3D with its transparency settings inside of the canvas setting. None of these processes have worked. Additionally, I’ve worked inside of through their Logo option and clearing the background.

Again, I can save the entire image, but not JUST the graphic signature I have created.

Have you encountered a similar problem?

Did you find a solution?

Creativity is our greatest gift to share. To that end, wouldn’t we all like our creations to carry our name, our logo, our brand?

If you’ve been successful in conquering that challenge, please share in the comments and by all means, give yourself the kudos that your success deserves by dropping in a direct link to your blog, website, or YouTube video.

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